God Has Got You, You Are Going To Be Alright

Seth Doyle

“I’m fucked up. You fucked up, but if God’s got us then we gon’ be alright.” – Kendrick Lamar

When the loneliness is palpable. When the darkness blinds you. When you can’t find a rhythm. God has you.

When you’re hurting. When you’re worrying. When you’re lost and unsettled. God has you.

When you’re grieving. When you’re angry. When you’re feeling shameful and imperfect and unworthy. God has you.

When you feel undeserving. When you can’t see the light. When your whole body aches from the pain of life. God has you.

When life’s comfort no longer soothe. When every morning feels like the depths of night. When you’re suffocating from anxiety. When you’re reeling from pain. When you feel afraid and outcasted and destructive. God has you.

When you’re selfish and mean and ugly and impatient. When you’re wishing ill on others. When you’re spiteful and jealous and deceitful. When you’re materialistic and self-absorbed and shallow. God has you.

God has you when you’re broken. God has you in his hands when you’re feeling dirty and bruised and beaten.

God has you when you’re wondering if there is a God. God has you when you’re ignoring him and questioning him and cursing his name. God has you when you’re driving in your car, exhausted from an awful day at work, sobbing to a sad song on the radio. God has you when you’re dwelling on the past. God has you when you’re planning for the future because you need something to look forward to. God has you when you’re feeling guilty. God has you when you’re sick with secrets. God has you when you’re at your absolute worst.

We’re ugly, messy humans with flaws and scars and past. We’re imperfect and sinful and complex.

We’re fucked up. But God has us, and we’re going to be alright. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Katie Garrity is a freelance writer, boring married lady, and rescue pup mama who enjoys Dawson’s Creek reruns, deep dish pizza and the occasional sing-along.

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