What It’s Like To Be Afraid Of Being Loved

Lena Bell

I wish I wasn’t afraid of love so I could live my life without fear and anxiety. I wish I could talk to men and not be afraid of what they could do to me. I wish I could live without the fear of never having a family because I am too afraid to be in a relationship.

If I wasn’t afraid of love I could be like all of my friends who have been in several relationships and have so many stories to tell. If I wasn’t afraid of love, I would allow myself to be loved instead of this deep lonely feeling I feel in the depth of my heart every minute of every day. If I wasn’t afraid of love, I would feel free of fear, something I have been longing to feel for a long time.

The fear of being loved is an exhausting fear. Every time I start talking to guy and things kick off, I chicken out because something bad could happen. I know some of you are thinking that I am just being a pessimist or I need to “suck it up,” but it is so much more than that. It is more than something I need to just get over. It is a deep fear.

I’ve watched and experienced so many traumatizing things happen to those who have been “in love.” I am afraid of love because of those experiences. I cannot handle the burden of being in an experience like that again.

I wish I wasn’t afraid of love, so I could live a life of bliss and peace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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