To My Fellow Students: You Are More Than A Grade

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Becca Tapert / Unsplash

With the changing seasons, comes a different time of year for college students. College is stressful enough as it is, but with the end of the semester creeping up there are also final exams. The idea of final exams (especially in college) place an enormous significance on one test. Often half of your grade depends on this one test.

College is an incredible opportunity to enrich yourself, expand your knowledge on a number of subjects, adapt your outlook and the obvious – earn a degree. But still, college students often feel defeated and worthless after receiving a bad grade on an exam or assignment. Now, a bad grade could certainly be the result of not enough studying or diligence. But that’s not the point of this sentiment.

One day, one grade, one assignment, one mistake – does not define you. You are not the grade that made you cry last night. You are not defined by the negative feedback that was given on your last paper.

You are made up of years of accomplishments you’ve made in your life, of hope and promise for your future.

You are made up of the kindness you show when nobody is watching.

You are made up of your closest family and friends. And the love you share together.

You are made up of the stories people tell about you.

You are made up of the missed opportunities that were not meant to you to begin with.

You are made of the glances locked with strangers in passing and the smile that made their day.

You are made of your unique mind that isn’t like any other. Entirely made of magic and thoughts that haven’t been birthed to the world.

You are more than that test. You are more than your grammatical errors on that 20-page paper. You are more than your grades and you are more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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