The 10 Worst Kinds Of People On Twitter


I love using Twitter. It’s a great way to stay connected to whatever kinds of news you’re into, along with the social aspect of making friends and maintaining connections. I’ve come into contact with a lot of great people through Twitter, but with the good, you must take the bad. Here are 10 of the worst kinds of people I’ve encountered:

1. The Sexist/Racist/Other Type of Bigot

These people obviously exist outside of the internet, too, but being a guy or girl behind a keyboard seemingly gives them more reason to spew their misguided opinions freely. They often get mad when you call them out on their hatred.

2. The Retweeter

This person has never tweeted an original thought; their entire Twitter feed is just retweets. There is also a subcategory: the Sad and Single Retweeter, a person who only shares tweets from TheNotebookQuotes and LifeAsASingleWoman and DailyInspirationalThings.

3. The TMI Tweeter

This person shares all the details of his or her life. Never mind whether or not those details should be kept private, because this person is going to tell you anyway. This is what a diary or a journal or a personal blog is for. Reading about the intimate details of your life makes me feel like I’m spying on you or something. Please stop.

4. The Follower-Unfollower-Refollower

This guy or gal followed you once, but for whatever reason, they unfollowed you later. Then they came back and followed you again…and then unfollowed…again. This cycle may continue for quite some time. Often, this person unfollows because you have not followed them back. Pro tip: doing this is really annoying, and being annoying is not going to make me follow you.

5. The Beggar

This person is similar to the Follower-Unfollower-Refollower, except they take it one step further. They will send you a tweet asking why you have not followed them back, then may go even further and beg for you to follow them. If they give up, they might also announce that they are unfollowing you. This is kinda desperate and now I’m definitely not going to follow you ever.

6. The Troll

This person’s sole purpose is to cause trouble. You may send out an innocuous tweet, and they will twist it around to try and get a rise. If this is what you have dedicated your life to doing, you need to find a new hobby.

7. The Hashtagger

This person enjoys pressing the pound key. They enjoy it so much that instead of just hashtagging one word or phrase, they drop hashtags in the middle of sentences, on words that have no business being hashtagged. “Wish I had #more of the #grapes I packed for lunch today. #Tasted good.” Why are you like this? No one is searching for those hashtags.

8. The Searcher

This person searches something on Twitter just to attack people who have tweeted about it. Say an athlete had a bad performance? This person will send you a tweet assuring you that you’re an idiot. Tweet about hating a new movie? This person will let you know that you’re wrong. The only Twitter fight I have ever been in was a result of this kind of tweeter.

9. The Sports Expert

This person may or may not have ever done anything athletic in their life, but they definitely know every play call and coaching decision that should ever be made in all sports. They also tend to have strong opinions that don’t seem to make a lot of sense. Player A is struggling over the past three games? TRADE HIM IMMEDIATELY! Player B offers nothing of value but seems like a good guy? PUT HIM IN, COACH!

10. The Fisher

This person is always looking for attention. They will fish for compliments by posting 13 selfies in one day or explaining how they gave the greatest presentation ever or tweeting about everyone at the company party asking for their crab dip recipe or flaunting all of the new designer clothes they just bought. It’s one thing to share something you’re proud of. It’s another to pander relentlessly for positive attention from strangers. TC Mark

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