10 Reasons Still Living At Home Isn’t All That Bad


My friends often ask me if I wish I didn’t still live at home. I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t sometimes wish I was on my own, living the twenty-something life in a cute apartment in the city, able to hop on the El or hail a cab just by stepping out my front door, never having to leave early from social events so I could make the last train back into the burbs.  At the same time, there are some bonuses to still being under the same roof as my parents. Here are 10 reasons why it’s not such a terrible fate:

1. There are limited expenses.

Instead of having to buy furniture and groceries and whatever else you buy when you live by yourself, everything I need is already here. Plus, there’s that whole rent thing, which my parents have graciously decided not to impose upon me.

2. My dog lives here, too.

I mean, sure, if I lived by myself I guess I could get another dog, but I missed four years of this guy’s life while I was away at school, and it would make me really sad if I didn’t get to wake up to his little face next to mine each day.

3. Meals are made for me.

Sometimes I pop a bowl of Chef Boyardee in the microwave or slap together a PB&J, but every night, I’ve got dinner prepared for me without me even having to ask.

4. I’ve got built-in storage space.

I would never fit all of my stuff in an apartment. I still have boxes in my closet that I haven’t unpacked since I moved back home from college two years ago. If I get the urge to read some Shel Silverstein, his books are stored under my bed. If I want to find a t-shirt from junior high for a costume, it’s here. Everything’s easily accessible and I don’t have to pay for a storage unit.

5. There’s good cable.

If I want to watch college football games on some obscure HD channel, I can, because hey, we have that here! I wouldn’t personally be shelling out the cash for fancy channels if I lived on my own, but since it’s here, I’m happy to take advantage of it.

6. There’s a sense of comfort.

When I’m sick or grumpy or sad, being able to curl up in the bedroom I’ve spent 2/3 of my life in is nice. Plus my parents are on hand to bring soup or snacks or whatever will improve my mood.

7. The whole roommate situation is non-existent.

Yeah, I share a house with my family, but there’s plenty of space for all of us and we never have to fight over whose turn it is to take out the trash.

8. If something breaks, my parents know what to do.

Sure I’ll eventually not live here anymore  and I’ll have to find a plumber or a locksmith or whatever, but for now, I can just let my parents know what needs to be fixed, and they’re on it.

9. Free rides.

By this, I mean my parents will pick me up and drop me off at the train station when I go downtown. I don’t have to pay for cabs or worry about how I’m going to get somewhere, because I’ve already got my ride secured.

10. I get to spend time with my parents.

As I get older, I sometimes think about what it’ll be like when my parents are gone (this seems morbid, I know). Even if it’s doing something as simple as watching Chopped or talking about Taylor Swift, I cherish the time we spend just being together. TC Mark

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