4 Simple Ways To Make Your 20s The Best Decade Of Your Life

1. Stop looking for a boyfriend; you’re 20 not 30.

Stop giving the nice guys a chance, just because they’re nice. Yes, they may buy you flowers, and bring you food when you’re hungover. But, at the end of the day, you can have a better conversation with a rock then him. Have sex, but don’t give yourself the reputation of a slut – and definitely use protection. You shouldn’t be looking for love at this age – you should be figuring out how to love yourself. If you’re in a controlling relationship – get out. The only person who should be telling you “that you can’t go out”, or “you shouldn’t wear that”, is your roommate when you’re blacked out and she knows that you can’t make it out to the bar, or that your club outfit just doesn’t quite match.

2. Travel, as much as you can.

Whether, it is studying abroad, or taking a year off after college. Go to places you have heard of, but have never been. Try different foods, meet different people, let yourself explore. Climb to the top of a mountain, swim in the mediterranean sea, or maybe even ride a camel. Too scared to leave home? Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Just jump into the water, stop dabbling your toes. Matter of fact, do a fuckin’ belly flop into the ocean. Stop being scared.. Being home-sick is not a good enough reason not to explore what is out there.

3. Love what you do.

Whether, it’s writing, singing, playing a sport, knitting, or even reading. Give yourself time to do the things you love. Stop watching netflix, stop taking naps, stop saying “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Get to it now. Do it now, because ‘later’ never happens anymore.

4. Most importantly, love yourself.

Make yourself smile in the morning, go for a jog, eat healthy, dress nicely – do things to make your body smile – do things to make yourself smile. Tell yourself it’s gonna be ok, tell yourself you only need yourself to make you happy, and then – actually do it. Keep busy with the things you love, and never lose hope in yourself. Stop letting yourself disappear into the shadows, make yourself stand out in the light. Learn to love yourself, learn to stop being insecure, and take on any adventure that comes your way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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