26 Promises To My Soul Sisters

There is something different about a soul sister. They are the select few who sneak their way into your life without you really knowing. Soul sisters are more than friends; they make you a better person, in more ways than one. Without them, your life would be lacking something extraordinary.

The Heat
The Heat

For me, I’m lucky enough to have two in my life. One has been by my side for years. Our friendship has survived the awkward pre-teen years (even the time before boys and high school drama) and most recently, the distance of college. The other is a newer friendship; a somewhat unlikely pair brought together in the confines of a workplace.

Without these two amazing and strong-willed women in my life, I’d go crazy. So here are my 26 promises to you and to all of the soul sisters of the world:

1. I promise to always be your third-wheel, your wing-woman, the Monica to your Rachel, the DJ to your Kimmy, and your right-hand (wo)man.

2. I will always be here as your sounding board, no matter what the issue.

3. Don’t worry about paying me back for that lunch I bought you last week, it will all even out in the end.

4. I promise to always pick up the phone, even if it is 3am on a Wednesday.

5. I promise to always laugh with you and never at you, well…in public that is.

6. I will always give the men in your life a fair chance, but know that they will have to work hard to prove that they are good enough for you.

7. I will always be there as a diversion to get you away from the creep at the bar, but also quietly sneak away if he is a total catch.

8. I promise to always push you, both to try new things outside your comfort zone and on the treadmill at the gym.

9. I promise to always tell you the truth, to never hide something from you, even if I know it’s not what you would like to hear.

10. Know I will always be by your side, in person or in spirit, so you will never have to be truly alone.

11. I will always tell you when you have something in your teeth.

12. I promise to be your distraction when life just becomes a little too much.

13. I promise to always let you borrow my favorite clothing items or accessories, because I know they will look better on you than me.

14. When I’m mad at you, I promise to tell you why so that we can get over it rather than let it fester between us.

15. I promise to always be your “emergency call,” especially when you need bailed out of a blind date.

16. I am here help you analyze that text or Facebook status, even if I know you are being a little ridiculous.

17. I will never shy away from a heart-to-heart, no matter the time of day.

18. I promise to protect and keep your secrets like they are my own, no matter how embarrassing they may be.

19. I promise to make you want more, to help you reach for more, to make you want to do better than you ever knew you could.

20. I truly enjoy it every time you text me pictures of your outfits to get my stamp of approval.

21. I promise to like every Facebook and Instagram post you ever upload.

22. I promise to bail you out of jail, but the chances of me being in the cell next to you are quite high.

23. Whenever you feel like crying, make me your first call. I can’t promise to make you laugh but I’ll always do my best.

24. I promise to never let you walk out the door looking anything less than stellar.

25. You can continue explaining to me your personal stuff, without ever having to remind me not to tell anyone because my lips are always sealed.

26. You will always be my sister from another mister, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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