To The Woman Currently Hurting, You Are Stronger Than You Realize

Angelina Litvin

Dear woman, pick up your heavy burdens

You have dwelled long enough

In your spaces of regret

In your shadows of remorse

Take off your clothes of mourning

Remove the veil from your eyes

And run barefoot through golden fields

Call out to the wind

Tell her to blow to the corners of the world

Gather all that was once yours

And bring it back to where it belongs

All you have lost

All you have given away

All you have sacrificed

All you have traded

In the name of the love you cast

To drought-stricken hearts

Feel it sweep upon you

Rush through your wild hair

Fall onto hungry skin

Filter through famished bones

Soak into hollow lungs

Until all the stars in the galaxies

And the particles of the universe

Are held inside your heartbeat once more

Then revel in your untamed beauty

And set the world afire with your glory

For you soul was not made to be hidden

Underneath a veil of shame

That was never yours to wear Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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