Hey Men, Stay The Fuck Out Of Women’s Bodies And Start Worrying About Your Own

Women stands in underwear with roses tucked inside it

We are currently in the Season of the Scorpion, the greatest zodiac of all time. I remember reading a long time ago that Scorpio governs the pelvis, and reproductive (sexual organs) and I have learned the hard way as a Scorpion women this is true, because my reproductive organs have been giving me hell my entire life. Three c-sections, a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy that almost cost me my life and did cost me a fallopian tube, and now at a stage when I should be in menopause, I have been diagnosed with two uterine fibroids (one the size of a grapefruit and the other the size of an egg, and a benign cyst on my left ovary).

And I am going through perimenopause, which is the period before menopause in which hormonal imbalances causes your brain to turn into mush (brain fog), you are constantly sweating and freezing at the same time (night sweats), and you hate everybody (mood changes). But I am digressing because this article is for men who refuse to keep their asses out of the reproductive health affairs of women.

From the old ass politicians who are a stroke away from using Viagra (if they are not using it already) to dusty Hoteps who are getting paid off the gullibility of Black women by telling them to eat nuts and berries to stop their menstrual cycle and making them pay a fee, these men will not shut the fuck up. I have never seen such men who think that they know more about the bodies of women than actual women.

These men tell women that childbirth isn’t dangerous, although the United States leads in maternal deaths than any other Western country in the world. The same men who have not had a physical since high school and think that wiping their asses is “gay” so you know that they are not getting a prostrate gland exam on a yearly basis.

I have been truly trying to become a better person in my online social media interactions with misogynistic men because I know that they have been heavily indoctrinated through religious ideology to believe that they are smarter and superior than women, but I need these fuckers to hush and stay in their lane. Worry about your own bodies, which are falling apart due to being too stubborn, proud, and scared to see a doctor on a regular basis. Stop drinking so damn much after a certain age because it affects your sexual performance and may be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Because in light of my current health issues as a woman, I am dragging arrogant, clueless men to hell and back anytime I see them commenting on women’s reproduction. You don’t have a vagina, uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes so you can’t say shit. Nothing. Nada. No Bueno. Learn to stop pissing all over the toilet and wipe your asses properly, you over-coddled, clueless, grown-ass toddlers, and remember that having a penis does not give men special, magical powers and a vast abundance of intelligence. Be humble, ninnies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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