The Father Of My Child Still Insists That We Are Just “Friends With Benefits,” Where Will This End?

Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen

He is mine, I am his and that is how it used to be.

He could be the best guy I’ve ever had and he is my first in everything. Our love story is so perfect that it eventually become suffocating and he grew tired of me. Yes, even though he is the one who ended everything between the two of us, I still believe that I am the one who didn’t gave my all and I am the reason on our breakup.

We have been in a relationship for a year and the next few years after, well I don’t know what we are. Some calls it “friends with benefits” and others would say it is “mutual understanding” but for me, I don’t really know what to call it. We don’t have any commitment and relationship but we kiss, we hug and we make love to each other. He never has a girlfriend while we are in that kind of scenario but he has some girls to court and love until I get pregnant.

He never wants me to keep it and I’m just so afraid of getting an abortion and continue it. For three months, he was never there and I thought he would never be. But, one day, he came and told me that this baby is his and all I could do is to cry and accept him. He was with another girl by then, no strings attached just like us but still, I am the other woman and I am carrying his child.

In my 8th month being pregnant he had a new girl to court. He told me he really loves the girl and he started to court her. My last month of being pregnant eventually came and he still courts her. First month, second month and third month of my baby being born and he is still courting her until he totally realized that the girl only thinks of him as friend. But then, during those times, I am still the other woman and the mother of his child.

If you think that this is the last time of me being the other woman, well, definitely not. He’s fallin in love with another girl and this time, he is more serious than ever.

He loves her so much that he could choose that girl over his child anytime and for thousands of times, he did break my heart. He is so happy when he is talking with her, something that I used to see when we are together back then. He is totally crazy for her and I know this time, this is the end of me.

He longs for her, he craves for her and they have joined together by a commitment of getting married after seven years when everything is already settled. A commitment that killed my heart and a commitment that says, “I would be the other woman and the mother of his child forever.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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