I’m A Resolution Failure (Just Like You)

Savannah van der Niet
Savannah van der Niet

I entered 2016 with the typical high hopes of “New Year, New Me.” Just like the cliché, I was completely certain that this year was going to be MY year. In addition to all of the much-needed personal transformations I was planning, it was essentially going to be a year full of life-changing improvement. I swore all that was necessary was a definite beginning date and a little push. So, there I was on January 1st, standing at the starting line eagerly anticipating a new start.

…Well 6 weeks in and I’m apologizing to myself and to the ambitious hopes, dreams and goals I haven’t quite achieved …yet.


1. Stepping foot into a gym.

Living a healthier lifestyle fully equipped with a new hobby of exercising, drinking way more water and eating something green once in a while were in the plans for 2016. I quickly came to the harsh realization that this task would be much easier said than done. I have myself almost completely convinced that following fitspiration accounts on Instagram and running late for basically everything in my life, which results into breaking a sweat, is essentially the same thing as an advanced Zumba class. Not quite proud to admit, Diet Coke and French fries are still the fuel that keeps me going.

2. Save some & spend less.

I’m sort of a big spender. And it’s sort of a big problem. Someone should probably take my credit card away from me, for my own good. One of the silly money-suckers I consistently cave to is my daily Dunkin Donuts run. It has to stop. French vanilla caramel swirl coffees were going to have to become extinct in my little world, for now. Those sips of bliss rapidly added up and became a main source of the dwindling numbers in my bank account. Also – all those calories (See #1 above). Besides, I own a fully functioning Keurig, entirely stocked up with k-cups. It’s most definitely over-due to dust off that machine and put it to use.

However, contrary to my budgeting goals, I will always strongly believe, that sometimes, more often than not, it is completely obligatory to treat yo’ self! It’s the little things in life, like a perfect cup of coffee on a Monday morning (and sometimes a big, okay…a very big, shopping spree) that brings priceless happiness.

3. Say NO to naps.

To be honest, there’s probably nothing I daydream about more than coming home from a long, busy day and cuddling up on the couch, under a cozy blanket and falling asleep. I swear naps are a craving that’s hard not to feed. What a time-suck though, leaving you groggy, less productive and less motivated than before. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Note to self: save sleeping for bedtime.

4. Let it go.

Like James Bay sings, it’s time to ‘Let it go’. We are not to be anchored by our past, our mistakes, and our regrets. Life is short, too short to hold on to anything that’s too heavy. Understanding that sometimes certain situations are out of our control, and sometimes there are things we just cannot change is a realization that can be bittersweet. But it’s also very freeing. To me, it’s a foreign concept to not wonder, over-think, and over-analyze every teeny-tiny detail of the would haves, could haves, and should haves.

This letting go thing isn’t easy but it’s a process, a process that is bound to happen over time – if you let it. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. I’m certain 2016 is my time to look only at the now & towards the future, without old anchors weighing me down. How liberating! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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