The Colors Of Love

Roses; Romance; Spices; Sangria; Lipstick; Genitals; Exit Signs; Lipstick; Confidence; Romance; Color of My Longing.

Pumpkins; Carrots; Tabby Cats, in the Morning; Dying Leaves; Autumn; Setting Sun; Zinnia Profusion; Fanta; Goldfish and Goldfish Crackers; Color of My Energy.

Lemons; Sweet and Sour; Mustard; The Floral Disc of a Daisy; Daffodils; Rubber Duckies; Pee (or Piss or Urine); Twinkies; Egg Yolks; Banana Peppers; Color of My Life.

Frogs; Broccoli; The Color Of Your Eyes; Four-Leaf Clovers; Watermelon Popsicles; Spearmint Gum; The Recycling Logo; Mint, and Martians, Maybe; Color of My Needs.

The Sky; Orion’s Belt; Blueberries; Bluebells; The Color of Sadness; Tears; Blue Tissues; Trying Too Hard; Trying Too Much; Color Of My Peace; My Serenity and My Acceptance.

In the Spectrum; Sex and Shape; Mix; Middle; Dye; Indigofera Genus; Tanzanite; Glitter Nail Polish; Raw; Rarity; Color of My Wants.

Prettiest Purples; Atmospheric Pollution; Paints and Paintings; Violets; Eggplants; Wisteria Bonsai; Cascades; Cataracts; And Waterfalls; Color of My Pallet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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