This Is The Kind Of Love They Really Need, Based On Their Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Show them how special you find them. ESFJs often look for partners they can admire, but at the same time they want that person to find them equally fascinating. They will not take kindly to a partner that is negative about them or seems uncaring.


Help make their dreams a reality. ESTJs are doers, but the details can sometimes seem elusive when they start dreaming up a wild new scheme. Someone who is up for anything and can make things happen whenever, wherever will earn the undying admiration of the ESTJ.


Keep up, and stay open-minded. INTPs are an intellectual type and while they do not require much of the romancing that other types enjoy this doesn’t mean that they have no soft spots. INTPs can be swept off their feet (as much as is possible anyway) by someone who is knowledgeable and able to enjoy talking about anything and everything.


Be able to express your emotions. ENFPs are expressive types, they like to show their love for their partners, and this is what they like most in return. This type is bowled over by classic romantic gestures, flowers, chocolates and poems are the way into their heart.


Be independent. This doesn’t mean they don’t want you around, just that they want more of a partner in crime than a devoted Shakespearian lover.


Be the cleverest person in the room. ENFJ’s have high standards, and this extends to finding a witty and intelligent partner. They are often the life of the party but they are often bored meaning they like nothing more than a truly adroit repartee.


Show them how to walk on the wild side. INTJs are great master planners but they can also get stuck in a rut very easily. This doesn’t mean they want someone who will make them do something dangerous, just someone that refuses to fit into the neat boxes INTJ typically like to place people in.


Know what you want. INFPs often hate their own indecision and usually hang out with people who don’t like making definite judgements either. This means that they find people who can to be a breath of fresh, decisive air.


Be exciting. ENTPs love someone who seems sparkly, magnetic, and just out of reach. They fear boredom and drudgery and will not want to make emotional connections with people they find “basic”.


Be considerate to their emotions. INFJs are deeply emotional and don’t take kindly to having their feelings pushed aside, ignored or flat out ridiculed. Being understanding but not cloying is the way into the INFJs heart.


To be stable without forcing them to tone themselves down. ESFPs are entertainers, they love being the center of attention and having a good time. At the same time they appreciate someone who can keep them on their feet and in check when needed without making them feel trapped.


Know not to try to hold them back when they’ve made up their mind about something. ISTJs are naturally cautious, but once they’ve decided to take a risk they’ve decided for good. They will most likely feel upset if you try to stop them because they will feel that you don’t trust their internal conscience (which they almost entirely rely upon).


Show them that you can be trusted with their innermost thoughts. ISFPs are highly sensitive and often have big imaginations. For an ISFP to let you in is a big deal to them, tread lightly, be appreciative and they will love you forever.


Be sensible without being negative. ISFJs appreciate sensibility, but they don’t like it when someone just wants to use their genuinely good, upbeat nature as target practice. Be empathetic and help them know that they can reach their goals and you will earn a special place in their heart for life.


Be able to take a joke. ESTPs often have harsh senses of humor, towards themselves as well as towards others and this means they can’t date someone with a thin skin. Being able to laugh at yourself (as well as them, they don’t mind) will make them really appreciate you.


Be obsessed with them. ENTJs don’t trust a lot of people, but they have a desire to be able to trust somebody. Because of this, they will love you if you can prove not only trustworthy, but also devoted to them and their trust. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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