9 Of The Craziest TV Fan Theories You’ve Never Heard Of Until Now


This True Detective and Twin Peaks crossover.

Twin Peaks/True Detective

Rust Cohle from True Detective is Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks after spending 25 years in purgatory.

They’re pretty much the same character, and the timeline works almost perfectly. Both are secretive detectives fascinated by mysticism and conspiracy. They’re both preternaturally competent and charming – always a step ahead of their partners – but ultimately are loners drifting through the world.

Of course, Agent Cooper was optimistic and morally upright, but after 25 years trapped in the Black Lodge (which is how Twin Peaks ended), he’s returned as a cynical, angry shell of his past self.

— octopodest


Wesley Crusher’s true origin.

Star Trek

That Picard is Wesley Crusher’s real father on Star Trek: The Next Generation. It explains why, despite not liking kids, Picard tolerates him on the bridge and even helps him advance his career, acting as a mentor. It could also explain why Picard is so irritated by Wesley at first – he’s a reminder of a mistake – and why Picard never gets with Beverley despite constant temptation, he feels guilty about the affair.

— Acheron04


This theory that will change everything you’ve thought about Modern Family.

Married With Children/Modern Family

Modern Family is actually a sequel to Married with Children. On MWC, Al is always hoping to trade in his wife for a hotter model. Kelly is a rebellious, promiscuous ditz. Bud is a classic stereotype, always chasing gorgeous girls he can never get.

Fast forward to Modern Family: Al has finally left his wife, and has definitely traded up for the younger, sexier woman of his salesman dreams.

Kelly has grown up, and tries to hide her rebellious, promiscuous past from her children, because she is terrified that they will repeat her mistakes. She always worries that they caught her dumbness, which is why she holds so much faith in the one smart child that she has.

Bud has given up the lie of his youth, and finally come out of the closet (perhaps that’s why Al now sells them?).

— CrazyWhirlygig


This dark take on a classic sitcom.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

That Will from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air died in the fight in West Philly, the “rare” cab he took was an angel/God which took his to heaven. Whenever his parents visited the house, they were visiting his grave.



Have…you heard this theory??

How I Met Your Mother

I am convinced that How I Met Your Mother is a retelling of “Love in the Time of Cholera” as a situational comedy. In the first season, we learned from “Milk” that “Love in the Time of Cholera” is Ted’s favorite novel. The show has a running joke about doppelgangers. The novel tells the story of a love-triangle among Fermina Daza , Florentino Ariza and Juvenal Urbino. These are the true doppelgangers for Robin, Ted and Barney. Robin was fated to marry Barney but end with Ted, just as Fermina married Urbino but ultimately went back to Florentino. Look carefully; Ted is reading “Love in the Time of Cholera” at the train station, in Farhampton, just before meeting Tracy. The series was faithful to the book, in meticulous detail, for eight years, with Stella Zinman, Zoey Pierson and Carly Whittaker as doppelgangers for Olivia Zuleta, Leona Cassiani and America Vicuna, respectively, to name just a few. The final season added characters and themes from “One Hundred Years of Solitude” as well.

— Mark_Zajac


Why the walkers seem to be winning on The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead

The crew of The Walking Dead is slowly going deaf due to constant use of guns without proper ear protection. That’s why the walkers are always almost on top of them by the time they notice them.

— npurpura27


You’ll never look at Spongebob or Patrick the same.

Spongebob Squarepants

Bikini Bottom is at the sea floor surrounding Bikini Atoll, a place where nuclear testing happened. All the sea creatures became irradiated and that’s why they talk and have cities.

— The-Dangus


Scully really knew the truth was out there.

The X-Files

That for every episode of The X-Files, there were two or three cases where there was a perfectly logical explanation and Scully was totally right. I mostly believe this because I don’t understand how after years of seeing that there are real monsters; Scully would still scoff at the idea of vampires or whatever. Doesn’t make sense, unless she is often proven correct.

— Rebecca-Waugh


Maybe she wrote it because she done it.

Murder She Wrote

There’s a fan theory re: Murder She Wrote that essentially explains her being around all these murders because she IS the murderer/a serial killer.

I have accepted this a cannon and it has improved the show quite a bit.

10/10 would recommend.

— foxinthevines

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