What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does At A Music Festival

Sarah Loven


Most likely to be a volunteer for the fairgrounds. They’re the person everyone wants to be friends with because they have all the most amazing backstage passes.


Got dragged along by their friends. Creates a wry twitter thread commenting on the festival that winds up going more than a little viral.


Was given tickets by a client who is sponsoring part of the festival. They probably act disapproving toward the whole spectacle but they secretly get really excited when that band from the Spotify playlist they’re ashamed of listening to starts playing.


Somehow makes out with the lead singer of the night’s headlining band. Gets into the “most popular” photos of the festival’s Instagram tag twice.


Most likely to have somehow smuggled in gallons of alcohol. Probably successfully crowd surfed in between acts.


Got photographed for a magazine’s “Best of” festival fashion spread. Probably was the only person to memorize the lineup and the best time to leave the crowd and get henna, but also the last person to remember they haven’t eaten in 15 hours.


Bought their tickets from a dubious source outside the venue. Definitely does wear a flower crown, definitely does not remember where they put their cell phone for two days (it was in their back pocket).


Probably has every wristband possible and can get into every booth/event. Actually spent money on VIP seats but barely sits in them.


Wins a raffle for backstage passes, but gives them to a friend who really loves the band. Probably accidentally meets the band when they take a wrong turn.


They’re not even sure how they wound up here. Stays the whole time because they can’t find the exit for three days.


Is overly prepared, probably has a backpack with everything they thought they could possibly need from Chapstick to a map of the grounds. Somehow obtained a set list for every band playing.


Can be found meditating near the edge of the festival. Only ventures into the fray to see their favorite band in the world (winds up staying for a while to read palms.)


Most likely to be the “Free Bird” person. Always has a drink in their hand, but doesn’t spend a dime for the entire duration of the festival.


Is probably in charge of the entire festival. Scares a known-for-being-out-of-control rocker into showing up for the show on time for the first time ever.


Sees every band that plays over the course of whole festival. Hangs out with their friends in the best stage viewing vantage point on all of the grounds.


Is only there to see one weird opening act. They spend twice the amount of time they spent watching the performance looking for their car. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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