All I Want Is For You To Stay With Me

 Alejandra Quiroz
Alejandra Quiroz

The glowing white lights
of closer­-than­-they-­appear skyscrapers
slip through his blinds,
illuminating our bodies,
the clocks blinks
12:09 A.M.

Outside, the city that never sleeps
makes no noise this side of the park, but inside,
tonight’s Moët still lingers on suntanned lips,
summer wear is tossed on the carpet
and familiar hands lead me to blue cotton sheets.
The taste of champagne and desire floats
between our tongues as he clutches
my body, I guide him to me.

Dragging my unbitten nails across his tensed­up back,
he gnaws
at my protruding chin, leaving his mark
in every way that he can.
The warmth of his breath brushes by
my ear, sending a quiver
through my blood, he whispers
three words I never believed I would hear.

Pulling his mouth to mine, I let my movements
say what I cannot, and taking each piece of him
slowly, his umber eyes gaze upon me, vulnerable
to my touch, he comes completely undone in my arms.

“Please say you love me,” I run my fingers
up his chest, following the path to his curls,
“because I do, and I want to
stay.”  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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