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My Dog Died

I didn’t know her dying would somehow be the first concrete evidence that time is something real and completely uncontrollable. I didn’t understand that her chasing a tennis ball up to heaven would also mean staring 11 years right in the face and confirming in a deeper way that, yes, everything ends.

The Imagined Life of a Horrible Internet Commenter

He mentally notes how the woman sitting down would be a little hotter if she was a little thinner and how the old woman on the right should fold up her walker so it doesn’t take up as much space in the aisle. He notes these things but says nothing. Here is not his place.

Poetry At The Republican Debate

Going to an art school has taught me that if you center space anything on a word document it becomes poetry. Here, verbatim from transcript, are some poetic masterpieces from the February 22nd Republican Debate in Arizona.