Don’t Fall For The Guy Who Doesn’t Deserve You

Mateus Lunardi Dutra
Mateus Lunardi Dutra

Don’t fall for the guy who isn’t sure of what he feels for you. You will end up questioning every single thing he says or does, not knowing what his intentions are. You will end up being confused and not knowing what to do, what to say or how to act towards him. Before he pursues you, he should know and be sure of the feelings that he has for you. He should know what his intentions are and make it clear to you. You don’t deserve to have your feelings played with and be left in a confused state.

Don’t fall for the guy who pursues you only for the sake of having a girlfriend. You deserve to be wanted and to be loved genuinely. If you fall for a guy who pursues you for the sake of having someone to call his “girlfriend”, it’s not worth it. Trust me. Fall for the guy who pursues you because he wants and loves you for who you are.

Don’t fall for the guy who controls you. You are a strong, independent woman. Repeat after me. I am a strong, independent woman. If he tells you what to wear, how to act, what to say, who to spend time with, how you should spend your time or what to do, leave. You shouldn’t be controlled to the point where you can’t do or way what you want. You will only be left feeling like you’re in a prison, having every single move that you make feel as if you are being controlled and being robbed of your freedom. You will end up not feeling yourself. You will end up not being yourself.

Don’t fall for the guy who doesn’t support you. As a person, surely you have your goals and dreams in life. And it is important that the man who means most to you should be able to support them. Don’t fall for the guy who doesn’t support you because you might end up giving up your dreams for his sake. You will not feel like pursuing your dreams and goals because the one person who’s support means most to you, can’t give you the support you need. Fall for the guy who will support you and encourage you to reach for your goals and to dream even more.

Don’t fall for the guy who doesn’t pray for you. I believe that if a man prays for you, it shows how serious he is about you. Imagine a man talking to God about you. Feels good isn’t it? It shows how much he values you and values God’s opinion about the two of you. If he doesn’t run to God, it says a lot about who he is as a person. A man who prays for you is not only pursuing you as a girlfriend, but also as a wife. After all, relationships should end in marriage. Why waste your time in a relationship that will only end in heartbreak? Don’t fall for a man who doesn’t pray for you because without God’s guidance, how will he be able to love you genuinely and treat you with care that a daughter of God deserves? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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