The Upside Of Rejection That You’re Too Hurt To Realize

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a bar with my friends and there he was. A guy who was about to teach me something important, in just a few weeks. At the time he was just a hot guy from high school, who was still hot and all I wanted was his number. For the sake of the story, I’ll just say after a little meddling from my friends I had his number and from there I was a school girl again. Texting, all day, with butterflies in my stomach. We talked about absolutely nothing, but it felt significant to me. Everything was great, until he invited me to come out and drink with him &his friends. Excited, I meet him the next week at the bar and what does he do? Ignore me, pretty much the entire time. His friends talked to me more than he did, but what did I do? Ignored the fact that he was ignoring me because every once in a while he gave me SOME attention.

I was stupid, and blinded by the bad boy persona. Fast forward and the texting continued, he invites me out again. Same story, same place, same guy. Ignored. But then he got drunk, and started actually talking, and acknowledging me. (if a guy needs to get drunk to talk to you, run.) That night, I went back to his friend’s house with him and we ended up making out for a half an hour. Again, like high school. And, I left. Fast forward another week of texting, and him inviting me to hangout AT THE BAR again, and being ignored. I ended up just leaving and letting it be, because he was obviously a waste of my time but I couldn’t help but feel rejected…

Then I started thinking about rejection, and why it fucking sucks (Or doesn’t suck). Nobody likes rejection, and it sticks to your mind like glue. Was I not good enough? Did I do something wrong? Why didn’t they want me? But, then I thought more and realized that rejection isn’t a bad thing.

Hear me out, but that “rejection” probably saved me a lot. It possibly saved me from falling for a guy that would have caused more harm for my life than good. It didn’t line up with the way my life is headed. I’m a pretty positive person and I want a lot out of life, but from what he showed me, his life didn’t go with the flow that my life is going. It was like 2 opposite magnets trying to be together, it just won’t work. The universe is conspiring every day with the energy that you are emitting. You attract the things and people into your life, so of course if something does not match up with that, it wont work. So it’s disguised as rejection, or you not getting what you want. But I don’t think that’s true. Its almost like a parent saying when you were a kid “Don’t do that, because I know better” And as a kid, that makes you angry but they saved you from getting hurt or taught you something.

Maybe, at that moment the rejection hurt but what you don’t realise is that it’s saving you from so much more pain that could be felt. Think about it – Look back on life, really. When has it never worked out for the best? That relationship falling apart, that lost job, (insert list of failures/rejections). Life kept going. And more often than not it shoots you in a direction you didn’t know your life was going. When people or things reject you its just life taking you the way you were supposed to go. Saved you the pain, which you originally wanted. Its about accepting that and getting excited for the things that are going to accept you. So, with just a change of perspective, rejections not so bad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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