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In Defense Of Beards

Many guys are just really stoked about their facial hair. They’ll sit around with their buddies and discuss the merits of beards, trimming techniques and styles. I can’t really explain it, but it’s something they just like. I’ve been told by friends that growing facial hair is a rite of passage for a young man; it’s something he should try at least once to decide if it’s right for him.

Things That Prove To Be Not As Good Of An Idea As You Once Thought

You only at that bowl of tortilla chips because you walked by the kitchen en route from the toilet. You don’t even like them that much, anyway (unless you’re making those magical microwave nachos using the taco cheese your sister buys in bulk). But you thought you could use something spicy and you still had half a can of diet coke next to your bed. Waste not, want not.