What About Being Judgmental Is So Appealing?

There’s a recurring theme I see everywhere: people love to hate on what someone else is doing if it doesn’t conform to their own ideas.

Okay, so we all judge a little.

You see someone with what you consider wonky eyebrows or neon zebra print pants and the thoughts start flooding. That’s natural. We’re conditioned for it with the whole society’s standards deal. I get that.

But what actually comes out of your mouth or floods a comment section through your keyboard is generally in your control.

Let’s start with the gym. One common theme I have seen among my lady pals who try to go pretty hard at the gym is a hefty portion of judgment to girls they see talking. Or standing around texting. Or just walking for an hour or so while streaming some Netflix show.

Okay, so what?

Honestly. If someone walking on a treadmill is that detrimental to your workout, I think you need to up your own endorphins. Now, texting and sitting on equipment that you need for 8 minutes and taking up that valuable space is another story, but you really need to get over how other people choose to spend their time as long as it’s not harming anyone.

Sometimes I’m not feeling like “pumpin’ iron” or doing sprints. A slow incline walk with a book sounds nice! Some people do go to the gym to socialize, and, if it’s not completely messing up your workout, so what? Some people wear a full face of makeup to the gym, and if that’s what it takes to get them out the door and (oh no) walking, then let them be.

Same goes for the other stuff I mentioned.

If someone likes to draw on their own mega arched brows, that’s their own choice. If a girl (or guy, or anyone in between) wants to get some cosmetic work done to help them feel better about themselves, let them go for it! A person’s body is his/her/their own canvas. Not yours.

Even celebrities, you guys. I almost always regret clicking on the comments under pictures of some internet famous ladies or actors because the things I read are so ludicrous. Yes, they are public figures, but they are still people. You may think that they don’t have time for us regulars, but that doesn’t give you the right to tag your friend and talk about someone’s weight gain. It’s none of your business. Better yet, just don’t talk about people’s weight or eating habits. Stick to the healthy or intelligence-themed compliments.

Think those judge-y things all you want. Goodness knows I still do, and I hate it, but it’s about catching those thoughts and keeping them to yourself.

The world would be a much better place if we could strive to push those positive vibes rather than snide, unsolicited sneers. Plant a flower, hug your friends, and let that girl in the restroom know her heels are particularly cute.

We’ll all be a lot happier that way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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