I Gave You Space, But You Never Came Back

Unsplash, Angello Lopez
Unsplash, Angello Lopez

This is what it feels like when you give someone the space they need, only to realize that they’re going to walk away for good.

It happens — you know it does. People do it all the time. That’s the reality of life. You just didn’t think that it would happen to you.

When you’re with the wrong person, there comes a point when things begin to unravel. One person gets too busy to see the other. One person struggles with another aspect of their life and starts to neglect the other. It becomes static, and you begin to reassess your situation with them.

The affection is still there (or at least you hope it still is), but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Since you’re mature, you decide that it would be best to give each other space, and you do so with the best intentions. You genuinely want them to do what makes them happy — and seeing them do what makes them happy is one of the reasons why you fell for them in the first place.

If they need space to do that, you will gladly give it. But let’s get real. You’re giving them the choice to leave, because you understand that the more you push for something at the wrong time, the worse the situation will become. So you leave them be. You give them the space to do whatever they need to do.

Truth is, you let them walk away, because you hope to God that they’ll come back. You leave the door open, because you want them reenter the threshold and close that door when they get inside. You want to hear them say, “Hey, I’m back. And if it’s all right with you, I’d like to stay a little longer this time.”

You leave that door open and hope for the best. You want to be the person they turn to, because you believed in them. You had faith and decided to find the good in them.

But it is devastating when they decide to walk out of your life without another word. It will hurt. No matter what mask you put on, it will hurt like a bitch.

You expect them to chase you as much as they had in the beginning, but they don’t. You are left on the curb with a box full of memories that you thought were enough to convince them to come back. And you are worth coming back for — scratch that, you are worth staying around for — and you know it in your gut.

But you still feel tightness in your chest, because even if that were true, you’re still the one that’s been left behind. And in that vulnerable space, you are tempted to chase.

Don’t. Let them go and leave them be. You gave them space. You left the door open. The ball was in their court, but they decided to drop it. You gave them the choice, and they decided to choose otherwise.

It happens — you know it does. People do it all the time. That’s the reality of life. You just didn’t think that it would happen to you.

But it’s okay, because the best days of your life will never decide to leave you without saying another word. The best days of your life will decide to stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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