10 Things To Remember When Your Heart Has Been Completely Broken

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There are some points in our lives that we experience having our hearts broken. It is only normal because part of being human is to love and to be vulnerable. No matter how strong you think you are, you are not exempted of getting your heart broken. Here are ten notes things to always keep in mind when your heart has been broken, no matter how hard it may be.


1. Love.

Love until it consumes you. But never forget to love yourself too.

2. Fight.

Fight for love until there is nothing left to fight for. Know when to stop.

3. Chase.

Yes, it’s ok to chase the person you love. There is no guarantee that it will work. You have to be brave to accept its result. In the end, you either succeed or fail. At least there will be no what ifs and regrets when you finally decided to stop because you know that you and your brave heart did everything to try to make it work.

4. Cry.

But the next time you cry, make sure it’s out of happiness and not because you are in pain.

5. Heal.

Take time to heal the pain. It will not happen overnight. No one knows when. Only time can tell and it’s ok. Life goes on. Your heart may be broken but know that there is more to life.

6. Discover.

Discover who you truly are. Try to push your limit. Take some time alone and get to know yourself more. Try something new. Go someplace you have never been before. You will be surprise of the liberating feeling of doing things on your own. Be comfortable in your own company.

7. Live.

Live life and make the rest of your life the best days of it. Spend time with your family. Go out with your friends. Make new friends. Appreciate the people who truly love you.

8. Divert.

Divert the negative thoughts to positive ones. The mind is so powerful. Choose your thoughts wisely. Spend your energy in seeing the bright side of things. It’s true that everything happens for a reason. You may not know and understand the reason now, but one day you will. One day, you will just smile and say to yourself, “Oh, that’s why. Now I get it.”

9. Forgive.

Forgive the person who caused you pain. But, also forgive yourself if you also caused that person pain. Forgive yourself for allowing that person to hurt you. Be reminded that things will not happen if you did not allow it. At some point, you chose to let it happen and that made you accountable of hurting yourself.

10. Learn.

Learn to let go of the past. Learn to accept that not everything you hoped for will be given. Learn why it did not work out. Learn that one day, when the time comes, you will be happy again. Not because there will be someone new, but because you survived and fell inlove with yourself again.

Having a broken heart does not make you less of a person. It only means that once in your life, you had the courage to go out there and believe in love. And that you have a big and kind heart.

Smile, you will be ok. I promise, you will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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