5 Things You Should Know About Strong Women

image - Flickr / ►►haley
image – Flickr / ►►haley

1. Strong women cry

Strong women may seem tough, but they also need to cry. There are moments that they are vulnerable and they won’t show it to other people. Only the four corners of their room will see just how fragile strong women can be. But being the strong women that they are, they will manage to get up in the morning and face another day.

2. Strong women need help

Strong women need someone to whom she can look to for support. It’s not everyday they can handle things on their own. There are days that they get tired of being strong. They need someone who will make them feel that it is okay to be not okay for a little while. They need someone who will simply hug them and will make them feel that they are not alone. Behind their strong aura is someone who needs love and care.

3. Strong woman will fight for the one she loves

Strong women will do everything to keep someone she loves. She is brave enough to drop everything to prove to them how much she loves them. But strong women also know when to stop. When they realize that they are not getting the love they deserve, strong women will not think twice of walking away. And once they walk away, there is no turning back.

4. Money is not an issue

Strong women are highly independent. They can make their own money. They can buy all the things they want on their own. They do not need someone with all the money in the world to be happy. Strong women just need someone who will be there for them at the end of the day. They need someone stronger than them to catch them when they can no longer take all the luggage they have.

5. Strong women are sometimes the loneliest.

Just because strong women seem brave and can carry everything on their own does not mean they have to. Yes, they can do things on their own. Strong women can go to places alone. They can go home alone after drinking 5 or more shots of tequila. They can do everything alone, but what others do not understand is that a little company would be nice. Strong women love that unfamiliar warm feeling of companionship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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