7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are The Best Relationships

Like Crazy
Like Crazy

1. You find out just how serious your relationship is

Not being able to see each other every day, week, month or even year takes a toll. No one would go through pain and longing like that if they were not completely serious about their relationship and their partner. You begin to put in a lot of work and see a lot of results.

2. You learn to effectively communicate

For a long period of time texts and phone calls are your only means of communication. You won’t get to see your partner. You will get extremely jealous over absolutely nothing. You will fight over incredibly stupid shit. It will be your skill of communication that saves the relationship and ultimately strengthens it again and again and again.

3. You no longer take each other for granted

The time you do share is few and far between. Therefore the times spent together are filled with love and lasting memories. You have no time to waste, so these times are spent adventuring, cuddling and doing things that will make the two of you truly happy. Also, being apart from each other gives you the chance to see how much this person has truly impacted your life—making you love them all the more.

4. The sex is always amazing.

Going off of the last point, the time you share is few and far between. You have gone months without touching, kissing, loving your significant other. Exploring their body almost feels like the first time again and after being deprived for so long nothing in the world could feel better than I’ve-missed-you-sex.

5. You learn the meaning of strength and sacrifice

Whether its mountains or oceans that separate you, it is going to be incredibly hard. You both have lives to live but it seems almost impossible to not have them around to pick you up when you fall. You find strength in yourself and begin to sacrifice certain aspects of your new life to make time for your partner.

6. You are able to live your own life and grow as an independent person

Not always being with your partner can be a good thing. You are able to develop relationships outside of your friend group and become your own person outside of your relationship. You two are not obsessively attached and are able to find your own separate interests, which makes for a much more exciting relationship when you are finally together.

7. You learn the true meaning of love

You won’t know the full meaning of love until you are kissing the lips of your loved one for the first time in six months. You won’t know exactly what love is until you’ve been up for 21 hours and spend at least one of your three hours left to sleep, talking on the phone with your partner. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world but I don’t think you’ll ever be able to experience it until you’ve been separated from the one you love and are forced to make things work regardless of the circumstances. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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