5 Ways To Escape The Grip Of Depression

Volkan Olmez
Volkan Olmez

Depression is one of the most tormenting feelings one could ever experience. It is characterized by low spirit or vigor and psychopathic melancholy. You feel down and sad. This could lead to anxiety, insecurity, inferiority complex or other emotional or mental disorders. Depression kills and if you don’t want to hit bottom, stop digging the hole. This can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. But the good news is you can work this out of your system. Now, here are some practical ways to get away from this state of being depressed.

1. Read inspirational materials.

Such as books by Mitch Albom or articles from people who have been through it and won the battle and many more. Personally, these are of great help. Good books are friends that will never fail you. They can invigorate you and make you realize and see the other side of life you fail to see. They can’t talk but surely they’re good sources of encouragement and words of wisdom that may enlighten you or let you experience an insight. These writings came from people who had already been through what you’re experiencing so expect that you could really learn a lot. Keep yourself busy.

2. Enter into healthy distractions.

Sweat it all out and hit the gym. It is said that when you exercise, your mind produces endorphins which is our body’s opiate that enables us to endure pain and other unpleasant emotions. Engage yourself in activities which would take your mind off those problems. Sulking in one corner and thinking too much about you burdens will just make things worse.

3. If keeping yourself busy doesn’t work, relax.

Enjoy. Pamper yourself once in a while. If you think you need a break, hit the road for a vacation or go to the nearest spa and have your body massaged. You deserve it after a hard day’s work anyway. It’s not bad to engage in recreational activities as long as you don’t have too much of it. Do whatever it is that interests you or that makes you happy. You can do sports, go shopping or simply sip that cup of venti Java Chip along with a slice of chocolate cake.

4. Surround yourself with positive people.

It is said in the Bible that “Bad Company ruins good morals.” True enough, so you should choose the people you get along with because the bad aura of a person could also be contagious. There is a great possibility that you could acquire the negative vibes. Let me tell you, there are a bunch of naysayers and doomsday prophets out there whose job is to make other people share their own misery. You should avoid these people. Good friends are great sources of advice when you get to a point when you don’t know what to do or you’re torn between choices. You can share your problems or experiences to them and they could also do the same. Friends are also great listeners when you badly need someone to talk to in order for you to release all your tensions. They will definitely understand. Find positive people you can mix with and who can keep you company in good times and in bad times.

5. Pray.

Trust that higher being who created the universe. Don’t just do something, do nothing. Now, this sounds ironic because a while ago I was telling you to do something to get out of your depressed state and then suddenly here I am telling you to do nothing. What I’m trying to say is there are things that you can’t control. Admit it, you’re no superman. There exists this so called naturalism, wherein circumstances don’t go your way and you can’t do anything about it. When you strive hard to get something you want only to find out that the universe is conspiring to go against you and stop you from reaching your goal. Ever tried prayer? Try to trust who created you and leave everything up to him. He will never deceive you anyway. In life, some things aren’t meant to be understood rather they should be accepted. He’s probably planning something better for you. Like an arrow that you still have to pull back before launching, The universe’s unseen force is probably dragging you backwards because he (it) is about to launch you into something big. Try talking to the higher being through your prayers and ask for guidance, strength and other tools you need to go on with life. He listens all the time.

See? It’s all up to you if you let yourself suffer. There are things you can do. Everyone gets depressed, even Barrack Obama and other successful people got through this down state. We’re all humans after all. This traitor will slowly suck up all your energy and positivism and make life like everyday is a doomsday. Basically, just letting this happen isn’t really a good idea. So take action, fight and do not let yourself lose in this battle against depression. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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