5 Signs You Have What Is Known As ‘Big Dick Energy’

Instagram / Pete Davidson

With the recent news of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s engagement, the internet has been set aflame with one question: what exactly is this elusive “Big Dick Energy” that Davidson is purported to have and what does it really mean?

True to its name, Big Dick Energy (BDE) is not just about being in the possession of a large penis – it’s all about energy. Although it’s been used to refer to those who are well-endowed and demonstrate humility, it can be applied across several different contexts.

Davidson has been noted to possess this captivating energy due to Ariana’s (joking?) claim about his rather gargantuan endowment, but really, it is something that anyone can possess whether or not one possesses a big dick. Think Rihanna, Cardi B, Ruth Bader Ginsburg – they have all been deemed by the internet as having BDE.

Here are five signs you have Big Dick Energy, too:

1. You don’t need to explain yourself. Your greatness speaks volumes on its own.

Whether it’s a having a huge cock or running a multimillion dollar company, those with Big Dick Energy find themselves speaking less about what the special assets they possess simply because it’s their presence that does the talking. They don’t need to constantly remind everyone of their power. They simply embody it every day of their lives.

2. You influence people without even trying.

Simply being your authentic self directs the movement and flow of important conversations, events and change. You rarely have to change who you are to get the job done. In fact, who you are is a pivotal part of what makes you so influential.

3. You show, rather than tell.

Those with BDE are usually humble in the sense that they don’t always advertise what they possess unless necessary – they prefer to show, rather than tell. That’s why, in the traditional meaning of the term, BDE could refer to a boyfriend who’s never once mentioned the size of his dick, but once you see it, you’re pleasantly shocked.

You’ve never heard him brag about it, but it’s been there all along. Similarly, those with BDE about anything don’t have to rail on and on about how great they are – when the time comes, they unveil their power with a quiet dignity and use it with full force.

4. Your confidence is unparalleled, yet calm. You thrive in self-validation.

You’re not overly boastful, but that doesn’t mean you’re not somewhat cocky (pun intended). The difference is, you have full confidence that what others call “arrogance” is justified, so really, it’s just confidence. Your life is evidence of who you are and what you’ve achieved. You think very highly of yourself, but you also have the shit to back it up.

5. You’re not easily rattled by the opinions of others. You’re not afraid to take risks and you always channel your energy back to your highest good.

You remain unbothered by the limiting beliefs others try to impose on you; so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, you do what you want to do and you don’t entertain any questions about it.

You’re bold in the dreams you chase and the goals you pursue, and you don’t let anyone stop you. You see when people are projecting onto you their insecurities and neuroses, and you’re not having any of it. You don’t settle, and it shows in your choice of the company you keep and the situations you exit.

Rather than wasting time engaging with anyone’s toxicity, you prefer to redirect your energy to what really matters – whether that means continuing to grow your thriving business or showing your prowess in the bedroom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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