11 Reminders For Every Grown Ass Woman Tired Of Fuckboys

1. You aren’t a placeholder until his ex comes back or he finds someone else. You are the real deal – and anyone who doesn’t see that isn’t worthy of your time — or your pussy.

2. You’re not a rebound he can get under while he gets over someone else.

3. Your worth doesn’t depend on his validation. He is not the arbiter of how attractive, desirable or amazing you are.

4. He shouldn’t get to fuck you if all he’s doing is fucking you over.

5. Mixed signals are a clear signal: the answer is no, he doesn’t value you, nor does he see the precious gem that you are.

6. If you want a relationship, don’t settle for a half-assed “it’s complicated” situationship.

7. If he’s making you feel more pain than pleasure, then this defeats the purpose of being a fuckboy in the first place.

8. Your pleasure matters too. You’re not a receptacle for him to get off if you can get yourself off better. And yes, there are men out there who care about your pleasure. So spend energy on them instead.

9. You are more than your body. You have a gorgeous soul and mind too. Find someone who appreciates all of you.

10. You’re deserving of so much better than what you assume. There are people “less qualified” than you who have their ideal relationship. So don’t shortchange yourself when you’re killin’ it.

11. You are worthy of a man who wants what you want – and is willing to give it to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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