Exactly What Type Of Meditation Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Unwind

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Ariel Lustre


You like fast and furious. And you like to be the first — at pretty much everything. You were made for racing, but not necessarily always finishing the race. A nice, slow, leisurely stroll will challenge your urge to want to go faster or prove your position. As a result of slowing down your body, your thoughts might want to go even faster…let them. Remember the turtle and the hare?


As an earth sign, you might get stuck in your head, and how things “should be.” Eating can be a complicated affair for you as you might use it to either soothe or mask your pain. Try making a meal that feels nourishing for your body, and do it slowly and mindfully. Use all your senses in this activity and it will be a great way for you to tune in.


The last thing you want to do is sit down. Constant motion, whether in the body or the mind, is the name of your game. A little grounding never hurt anyone, though, and it might just be what your airy-ness needs. Find a calm setting and put the timer on for only one minute. You can also use a mantra like “I will not be the victim of FOMO” to re-focus your mind even more.


You are a homebody. As the sign most likely to become a little reclusive, take this opportunity and go by the water. The fluidity of this element makes you feel safe and nurtured. You can either go for a swim, or simply take in the waves by the beach. Make some time to connect with nature and you will feel more emotionally balanced.


You represent the inner child and the joy that comes with expressing ones own individuality. Take the pressure off yourself to perform for somebody or gain praise, and do something that you loved doing as a child — for yourself. The pleasure this gives you will be even more gratifying than those standing ovations you so crave.


Dear perfectionist, you love putting things in order and creating efficiency wherever you go. That sometimes might be a little stressful for you, though, so for your meditation try unwinding that mind of yours by putting together a puzzle. The pieces will engage your detail oriented nature, without letting you overthink the significance of the task.


Alone time is not the easiest for you, and while you know self-reflection is important, as the diplomat of the group, your tendency to deflect your feelings onto others doesn’t help you re-center. Try this partner meditation where you sit directly across from someone and just look into each others eyes. Can you separate their feelings from yours?


As the sign associated with regeneration, life and death, sometimes you feel like everything and everyone is out to get you. Learning to trust the throws of life is key in your being able to use your powers in a healthy way. Take this chance to focus to do a mini experiment on life and death by taking a mason jar, lining it with cotton and planting some seeds. Witness the circle of life and find peace in all stages of your plants growth.


Dear centaur, you are known to fly solo. Your freedom is your most valued possession and you guard that with everything you got. This tendency may not allow you to develop the closeness you so yearn to feel, though. Plan a visit to a nursing home or an animal shelter, and let yourself feel the tender feeling of being needed by someone. And don’t worry, you can always leave.


The serious and ambitious sea goat is always working towards something. It’s no accident that the most successful CEOS, business peeps, and boss bitches know how to climb that corporate ladder. Life isn’t always about climbing, though; for your meditation you’ll still get to climb, only in the form of a hike. Get the thrill from still doing some challenging, in a more mindful way.


As the bearer of social reform and justice, you love being surrounded by diverse individuals. You are able to see the big picture because you know how to detach from the ups and down of emotions. This might lead you to sometimes feel a little cut off from your emotional intelligence. Your meditation involves writing a love letter. It can be to a friend, a romance partner, or a family member, or even yourself! Dive into the activity and let your heart pour out.


Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand your chaos, little fish. You live in a world where fantasy and reality mesh like a bowl of spaghetti. You see the magic and the potential beauty in all. This might become overwhelming for you at times, however. For your meditation, try creating some boundaries by doing a color by numbers or coloring book exercise. It will be a gentle reminder that not all lines are meant to be crossed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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