8 Ways First Graders Make Themselves Feel Better That We Should All Use


I work with first graders every afternoon and everyday I watch one of them turn a bad day around without having to run to the self-help section of Barnes & Noble.

Here are 8 methods you should try:

  • Crayons. Break ‘em, peel ‘em, doodle with ‘em for 5 minutes. You’ll feel better.
  • Socialize. “What’s your favorite shape” is always a great conversation starter.
  • Hugs. They mend most wounds.
  • Give. Give a homemade card, your last Oreo, your place in line for recess.
  • Cartwheel. Just cartwheel it out.
  • Pout. Have a solid pout-fest for five minutes and put it to rest.
  • Brag. Brag a little about how good you are at Connect Four or how loud you can whistle. Just give yourself a confidence boost!
  • If all else fails, make fart sounds. TC Mark

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