I Hope You Finally Decide To Learn From Your Mistakes

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Aaron Blanco Tejedor

You never listen, do you?

I told you this was a really bad idea. You set yourself up to get your heart broken again, and this time you really outdid yourself. You are one crazy bitch, and I’m not even sure if I mean that in the good way anymore. You’re turning darker. I didn’t think you had this in you.

You can’t get inside the minds of others. They are not your dolls. They are not your pawns. Reading people is easy, a trick, but it is never a true indicator of the inner workings of another’s mind. We can never know another entirely. This fact is alarming and isolating, but it is the truth. Assuming the inner thoughts of others is foolish at best and dangerous at worst.

You knew this, and you tried it anyway.

What’s worse, you used your “insight” in a manipulative and selfish way. You made yourself look foolish and you intruded where you were not wanted. You disrespected yourself and others. You became a walking contradiction. You forced your hand one too many times, and then again.

You tried to justify your actions with a childish interpretation of love. Star-crossed lovers do not exist. Love is chemistry plus timing. That’s it. You should know this by now. That’s why it comes and that’s where it goes. Chemistry fluctuates, but time always has to go forward. Betting on the future is uncomfortable, but it’s the only real option you’ve got anymore.

I hope at least you learn something from this experience. I hope you learn that talk and action are different areas of life. I hope you learn that you are not the center of anyone’s universe but your own. I hope that you learn to care about things that matter, and forget things that don’t. I hope you learn to follow your head more than your heart. I hope you learn to slow down and work harder.

I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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