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35+ Perfect Gift Ideas for Men

Choosing a gift can be difficult, especially if gift-giving is not your specialty. You want it to be personal, but you also want it to be something they’re going to use and enjoy. Whether you’re looking for your father, husband, or best friend, this gift guide has some great gifts to choose from! These gift ideas for men are items that the men in your life are going to love.

Gift Planning

  1. Think through the interests of your loved one. Choosing a gift that caters to their interests is what makes the gift personal and unique to them.
  2. Think about when the gift is being given and what it’s being given for. If it’s an anniversary gift, maybe there should be a romantic element tied to it. If it’s a Christmas gift, maybe it should be capable of use during winter.
  3. Decide if you want the gift to be an experience like a concert or an object like a recipe book. Either way, the gift you choose is going to be special!
  4. Look through these gift ideas for men, shop, and give your present away!

Tip: A unique gift idea is accumulating a gift box with a variety of things. You can buy a pre-made gift set that is tailored to your loved ones’ interests, or you can gather items yourself. For example, put in some socks, a new candle, candy, and other favorites that make him smile. Whatever you decide, a gift basket is a fun way to spice up your present!

Perfect Gift Ideas for Men

For the Chef

  • Omaha Steaks Subscription: This is perfect for the guy who loves to grill! Get quality meat right at your front door.
  • Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit: Add a little spice to his life with this fun kit!
  • Personalized Recipe Book: This is an incredible gift for a guy who loves to cook.
  • A New Apron: There are two different routes you could head with this one. Either choose a bad-ass apron that he’ll feel cool cooking in or a funny apron that’ll make him smile whenever he puts it on. Either way, he’s going to love this!
  • A Fun Cooking Class: There are so many cooking classes out there for every kind of food. Find one that teaches how to prepare his favorite food style and enjoy a nice day of cooking together! This is the perfect birthday gift idea because it’s done year-round.
  • Le Creuset Pot: This gift is brilliant for anyone who loves cooking. Not to mention, they have personalized pots for those with certain interests, such as these Star Wars-inspired Le Creuset Pots.

For the Sports Lover

  • Tickets to See His Team Play: If he’s a hockey or basketball fan, this is great as a holiday gift. Otherwise, this is awesome for any man in your life and a fun way to spend some time with them too!
  • Baseball Lovers:
  • MLB repurposes old game bats to make bottle openers engraved with the team name.
  • Blueprints of his favorite team’s stadium to hang on his wall.
  • A fun game to play with family or friends that’s customized to his favorite team.
  • Football Lovers:

Tip: There are so many sports out there that he may love. Take a look through the Uncommon Goods website to find unique sports gifts that he will quickly become obsessed with!

For the Concert Groupie

  • Vinyl Record Player: This is the perfect gift for any guy who appreciates music. Get him the record by his favorite artist to along with it, and he will be dancing around his house in no time!
  • Ticket Stub Diary: For any man who is a big concert-goer, this is a great gift idea. They can tape in all of their concert ticket stubs to create a keepsake he will have to look back on for life.
  • Record Coasters: These upcycled coasters made out of old records are the perfect addition for any music lover’s home!

For the Man Who Enjoys a Good Drink

  • Beer Brewing Kit: This a fun gift for any guy who enjoys an ice-cold brew.
  • Beer Cap Decor: The man in your life will love this if he’s a beer lover! Your state hangs on your wall, and is filled in with the caps of cool beers you have drank. This is a cool gift for any guy to add to his man cave.
  • Whiskey Stones: These stones are great for a man who enjoys a glass on the rocks but doesn’t want it to get watered down! Perfect for a scotch or whiskey lover and works as a great stocking stuffer.
  • Urban Map Whiskey Glass: These beautifully etched urban map whiskey glasses are great for any man who loves his home bar.
  • Personalized Wine Bottle: This is the perfect present for any wine lover. This thoughtful gift is great for an anniversary or holiday of any kind!

For the Man Who Sports a Beard

  • Dollar Shave Club Subscription: This subscription box is customized to the needs and wants of the man in your life. There are a variety of razors, beard oil, and other fun shaving tools to choose from! This is perfect for adding to your Christmas gift ideas for the guy in your life who’s growing a beard this winter.
  • Beard Bib: This beard bib is awesome for guys with big beards and a fun gag gift for the holiday season!
  • Personalized Beard Combs: These grooming essentials are the right gift for the man in your life with a big beard.

For the Handyman

  • Magnetic Wristband: This magnetic wristband makes holding screws and nails easy!
  • Custom Leatherman Tool: This tool is great for any man who enjoys fixing things up.
  • Vintage Tool Box: A vintage toolbox is a great personal present for a man who has many tools to organize.
  • Tool Duffel Bag: A duffel bag is an awesome present for a man with many tools and needs a handy place to put them.

For the Reader

  • Book of the Month Subscription: He gets to pick out which books he wants to add to his library, thanks to this gift!
  • Local Bookstore Gift Card: This will be his favorite gift if he’s a book lover that wants to support his local book store.
  • Personalized Bookend or Bookmark: There are so many personalized gift options for men who like to read. A bookend or bookmark is a practical gift that is also unique and sweet.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

  • For Your Dad
  • A personalized comic book that tells the story of Super Dad. This is a sweet present to give on Father’s Day or as a DIY Christmas gift.
  • A way to discover his ancestry is another great Father’s Day gift to share with your dad.
  • If he’s a tech lover, consider buying him an incredible gift like a new iPhone or a quality Bluetooth speaker. This is a gift that will drop his jaw.
  • For Your Significant Other
  • A bracelet that holds a secret message in Morse code. This is a great gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary with your partner.
  • Buy him a star that was in the sky on the night you both met. This is a personalized gift that a husband or boyfriend can frame and cherish for a lifetime.
  • Another wonderful present for special occasions is this pushpin map of places you and your husband or boyfriend have visited on your anniversary. You could also turn this into a sweet DIY gift idea for your love.
  • These bond touch bracelets are an incredible way to connect couples who are in a long-distance relationship.
  • Fund an intimate camping trip for the two of you with a beautiful getaway house and a camping gift basket.
  • For Your Brother or Best Friend
  • This customized New York Times book is the perfect birthday gift idea! Its pages show the New York Times headlines from the day they were born.
  • A photograph etched onto a beautiful piece of wood. This is the perfect Christmas gift to give to a brother or best friend because it’s handmade!
  • Get him a Man Crate! This website creates crates that are tailored to so many interests that are commonly enjoyed by men. Browse a pick out one that best fits the interests of the man in your life!

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