8 Things I Still Question After The "What/If" Finale

8 Things I Still Question After The ‘What/If’ Finale

Contains Spoilers.

Netflix’s series, What/If, takes its audience on a wild ride. At the end of each episode, my mind was blown and I was left hanging on the edge of my seat. However, after the finale, I was left unsatisfied. Some questions were never answered, and due to it being an “Anthology” series, I’m not sure if they ever will be.

1. How did Anne get saved?

After being trapped in a burning building, viewers are led to believe that Anne had met her end. However, at the end of the episode, we are flashed to an image of her hiding out in a tropical location. I’m not too surprised by this, however, I am surprised by the fact that she had no burn marks or scars to link her to the fire. Did she light it and escape? Was she rescued by firefighters? Or was there some sort of mysterious aide that we have left to discover?

2. Sean and Lisa: Go or No-Go? Also, did they ever get divorced?

After everything that happened, Lisa told Sean, “There isn’t anything left in my heart to forgive you with Sean. It’s been broken too many times.” But once we reach the end of the finale episode, Lisa says that her feelings have changed and they proceed with ‘reintroducing themselves’. However, did they ever even get divorced and cut ties? Was Lisa ever really planning on giving him up? Will they rekindle their love?

3. Can we trust Avery?

I still feel iffy on whether Avery is loyal to Lisa or to Anne. After all, when Lisa chose him to be the COO of Emigen, Anne agreed but then said, “I’ll fly back with Mr. Watkins so we can discuss my expectations for his new position, privately”. Emphasis on the “privately”. What were these expectations? Did Avery follow through?

4. What would’ve happened if Lisa and Sean didn’t take the deal?

After all the destruction their choice brought, it leaves me to think, what would have happened if they didn’t take the deal? Are some things better left unsaid? Is the past best to be left in the past? Or is it healthier with everything out on the table, despite the damage done?

5. How do Todd and Angela move on?

Granted, the man Angela chose to cheat with was certifiably nuts, but she still chose to cheat. Will they end up working through that, or just leave it in the past? How do you move forward from something traumatic like that? How does a powerful doctor like Ian, never get found by the police and just left to be forgotten?

6. How did the Dr. Ian story, line up with everything else?

For the most part, there’s 3 separate story-lines in the show: one with Lisa and Sean, one with Marcos and Lionel, and one with Todd and Angela. They all overlap because they know each other, yes. And with Marcos and Lionel, I saw how Marcos secrets were rehashed because they interfered with Lisa’s life. However, what did the Dr. Ian story have to do with Lisa and Anne, the protagonists?

7. Did anyone solve the death of Maddie?

There was an ‘anonymous’ tip dropped that Sean was the connection between Maddie’s heroin overdose and the bat murder. He eventually confessed to the murder, but after that, no one mentioned Maddie again. Did he pay time for her death too? Did he rat out Anne for giving Maddie the heroin? Was any of that uncovered or did they just go back to assuming that Maddie overdosed?

8. Who hit Cassidy with a car?

Was it Liam? She was about to go meet him somewhere alone so did he try to kill her? Why was this hit and run never addressed by police?

Normally I would think that these details would be brought to light in a second season, however, What/If has yet to be approved for another one! Not to mention, since it’s an ‘Anthology’ series, if it does get approved for another season, this storyline will be entirely cut-off and left in season 1. New characters will be cast, a new storyline will be constructed, and these lingering questions may never be answered.

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