7 Tips To Beating Bridal Stress

Bridesmaids / Amazon.com
Bridesmaids / Amazon.com
Unless you’re the coolest cucumber on the planet, you will most likely feel deeply vulnerable in the months leading up to your wedding. You are approaching a huge life moment, which inevitably provokes all the feels. In order to maintain some form of Zen during your wedding planning process, consider these 7 tips to beating bridal stress.

1. Stay healthy.

Every bit of stress is magnified tenfold when you feel under the weather. So drink a lot of water, exercise regularly, sleep at least 7 hours a night, and if you’re into vitamins, take them. Also — don’t skip out on your annual physical because you’re vaguely afraid you’ll get diagnosed with a terminal illness a month before your wedding. This is your crazy bride brain taking over. Go to your doctor, get a clean bill of health, and drink a disgusting yet good-for-you green juice as a reward for not succumbing to bridal anxiety.

2. Try meditation.

Okay, meditation is perhaps not a simple practice to master, but you can get creative. Invent your own form of meditation. Perhaps meditating to you means lying on a hardwood floor with your eyes closed for two minutes while picturing Goldendoodle puppies or a sunrise in Mumbai. Or maybe it means drinking whiskey while watching “Breaking Amish.” Essentially, whatever helps you find your center, and brings you back to your happy place — do that at least once a week during your wedding planning process.

3. Rely on your friends.

This is what you pay them for. Kidding, but they genuinely want to be here for you during this oh-so-big time in your life. I guarantee that if you are on the verge of having a total meltdown, they will relish the opportunity to bear hug you and take you out for tacos. Don’t underestimate them. They love you, and will do whatever they can to keep you sane.

4. Let your Mom be a Mom.

Getting married is not like paying your cable bill. It’s not something you are just expected to figure out on your own. If you’re lucky enough to have a good relationship with your mother and she’s not a judgmental control-freak, definitely include her in your wedding planning. She probably has a ton of cool, wise advice that will serve you well and inevitably decrease your stress level. She will most likely catch all the typos on your invitations before they’re printed, know what dusty miller seed is, and give you an honest opinion about your wedding dress. Basically, let her take care of you a little bit.

5. Stop thinking about your fucking weight.

Your significant other proposed to you because he or she loves you exactly the way you are. Consequently, there is no point committing to a crash diet that will turn you into a deranged asshole all for the sake of losing a measly six pounds. It’s just not worth it. You need your energy and spirits up, so of course, eat the good-for-you foods, but for the love of Pete — EAT! You will look beautiful with or without the six pounds.


There will absolutely be moments during your hike to the altar, in which you will feel completely, undeniably nuts. For example, you may feel the urge to slap your caterer across the face for even suggesting prosciutto — I mean, how dare she! However, resist the urge to behave like a mental patient. Instead, turn to your iTunes library, blast your favorite song and dance. DANCE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER DANCED BEFORE. DANCE ‘TIL YOU’RE SWEATY AND CAN’T BREATHE AND NEED AN INHALER EVEN THOUGH YOU DONT HAVE ASTHMA. Feel better? Yup, thought so.

7. Remember what’s important.

No one is going to care if you have too many Begonias in your centerpieces or if the DJ accidentally plays the “YMCA.” All anyone cares about is you and your future spouse having the best day ever. So honestly? Forget everyone else. Only focus on the elements of your wedding that will make the two of you the happiest goons on the planet. The goofy smiles plastered on your faces that day will be enough for your guests. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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