The 10 Southern Men You’ll Find On Tinder

More and more people are using Tinder these days and as someone who previously Tindered in Los Angeles, I can tell you that not all regions are created equal in Tinderland. In terms of Tinder conversations, the south will always win.

But first you must sift through the 10 southern men you’ll find on Tinder:

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1. The Polo Repeat Offender.

Because apparently no photo is complete without a polo. (Bonus points if one of the polos is pink.)

2. The Fancy Gunman.

Because of course you need a photo wearing a suit in the woods while holding a gun…duh.

3. The Tipsy Skipper.

The three B’s: Bros, Beers, Boats. (Bonus points if the beer is bud light.)

4. The Hunter.

Because nothing makes me swoon like a man displaying his dead deer…

5. The College of Charleston Bro.

You know the kind…lanky, tan, multiple tank tops, and a smug good ol’ boy smirk.

6. The Firefighter.

Obligatory ‘line of fire’ photos included. (Maybe it’s just Charleston but there’s an inordinate amount of Firefighters on Tinder.)

7. The Old Money.

Seersucker, champagne and a gaze that screams Peter Pan Syndrome.

8. The Preacher’s Son.

Bible Verses galore in the About Me section.

9. Beautiful, Bearded Hipster.

Usually just passing through while on tour with his band from the northeast.

10. The Southern Gent.

The rarest of southern Tinder treasures. Friendly and folksy, his conversation is southern charm at it’s finest.

Happy Tindering Southerners! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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