16 Things To Remember When Dealing With Anxiety

Emily Moy
Emily Moy


It’s not being able to quiet your mind. It’s feeling like you can’t “shut your brain off.” Being taken over by “racing thoughts.”


You’ll find yourself using anything as a form of distraction from your thoughts. You’ll be taring at your phone, blaring music in your headphones, focusing on your breath, anything to keep yourself out of your own head.


You’ll overanalyze every decision you make. You will ask everyone you know what the right choice is, because you don’t trust your mind.


You’ll overanalyze every relationship, with every person. Do they actually love you? Are they actually going to do what they say they will? Is this friendship one sided? Does your friend talk about you behind your back?


You’ll be panicking for “no reason.” Suddenly feeling so nervous that you’re literally SICK- and there’s no “valid reason” for it.


You will avoid places where you’ve felt anxious in the past. Had a panic attack at that restaurant- never going back. Last time you were at a concert, you were so anxious, so can’t go again.


It’s a weird mix of being impulsive, and compulsive. You can’t control your thoughts, and can’t make decisions, so let’s just go with the “first” choice and hope for the best!


You’re constantly battling the “fight or flight” feelings. Should you stay in the situation that’s making you anxious? Should you push through it? Or should you flee?


You always aware of every sensation your body feels. And you’re always convincing yourself something is wrong, all the time. Pain in your head, must be a brain tumor. Stomach ache, clearly you have an intestinal blockage.


You always feeling pessimistic. Nothing’s ever going to go right. You’re going to have a panic attack if you go to that place- so you should just stay home.


You get really sick of having unbalanced brain chemistry. But you do. So you take cocktails of medications to calm the anxiety and balance things out.


You feel”unsure” about almost everything. You constantly feeling confused; you’re questioning everything. Not knowing which way is up.


You’re hypersensitive. And you become angry and upset at the drop of a hat, over the smallest things.


You need constant reassurance. You’re always hoping and praying someone will tell you that everything is going to be okay.


It is a constant struggle. And a battle some people will deal with everyday.


But it is curable. You just have to never stop fighting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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