The Beauty Of Overthinking That Normal People Don’t Ever Think About

Even writing this is making my head spin.

You know how they say that people tend to overthink situations and analyze the world to death are worse off in the long run? For more people than are probably recognized, this is a universal truth. How can we not overanalyze everything around us in a world where nothing is ever as it seems and deceit can lie around every corner? The principle cause of this phenomenon lies in one thing, in my eyes. It’s the way you use this power.

I’m no professional, and I can’t show you clinical laboratory results proving that my theory is true. Frankly, my ideas about human nature might be so far from what anyone else will ever think to be true that writing this is pointless. See, there I go, thinking too much again.

I’m writing this for everyone who thinks too much and gets scolded for questioning the world around them. I’m writing this for everyone who needs to be told that they are something in this world, and that they have a place in it amongst the billions of others who want the same things they do.

You are justified in everything you are thinking. Your thoughts cannot be controlled, and no one has the right to ever try to control them. In a world where everything can be taken from you in a tangible way, your thoughts cannot be. They are universal and yours all at the same time. It’s magnificent, really. They are products of an explosion of stars and electrical impulses that make up your brain, but they belong to your soul. Thoughts are the only way to vocalize pieces of your soul in a physical world.

Thinking too much is what created questions. It is what led us to revolutionary discoveries that changed humanity as we know it. If no one ever stayed up late at night and thought about questions that did not have obvious answers, where would our world be?

That girl that you dislike for no apparent reason? You are justified in thinking that. And you might hate yourself every day for silently judging people when you always scold others for doing the same thing. Your moral compass is pointed in the right direction, but that direction is occasionally hard to follow when there is always an ongoing debate in your mind. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You just like to examine both sides of your card before you decide to play it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The hurt that you feel when someone betrays your thought process is the worst. When others are not aware of your thoughts, it is easy for them to do the exact thing that you produced in your mind that you dreaded. Thoughts are dangerous when they are not vocalized. They can cause self-destruction in such an unphysical way that you don’t even know what’s happening until it’s too late. You can’t explain to someone that a thought you have filed away in the cabinets of your mind came true in an undesirable way. It will hurt. It will sting. And it’s impossible to explain it to anyone because you never told them in the first place.

This is the kind of thing people who overanalyze the world face everyday. You may be able to produce award winning English essays because looking at the world through a magnifying glass comes easy to you, even if you’re just analyzing a book. You can put yourself in another person’s shoes without a second try. Someone will ask you for an opinion on a situation, and you can give them twenty.

But this can be your downfall. This can lead to you crying about your boyfriend being out at a party that you weren’t invited to just because you convinced yourself that he would never do that come hell or high water because your relationship was too important to him to even risk doing something that would compromise your trust in him, and so on and so forth. It can be a roller coaster that starts at the top and only goes down, but during every fall, the bottom gets closer, and then that roller coaster of thoughts has no way to go but up again.

And when it goes up, your thoughts can change the world. You now have the power to change someone’s mind, or to resolve a conflict in a way that allows both perspectives to be seen. You are able to grasp a wide range of opinions, whether or not you agree with them. Just because you can understand a different mentality of a situation does not mean you will do the “socially wrong” thing. It just means you are aware of it. And being conscious is the most beautiful thing in this world.

It is the thing that people are afraid to lose when they die. It is the one thing no one will give up in this world no matter what they are put through. People crave the power to think and feel what they want. And you have a special gift of being able to feel many different things all at once.

The next time someone tells you that overanalyzing is wrong, just smile and ignore them. They probably can’t see it in your perspective anyways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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