Why I Don’t Believe In ‘Cuffing Season’

 Kristin Vogt
Kristin Vogt

Cuffing season.


Let me repeat, cuffing season.

If you somehow live under a rock and don’t know what this is, I will briefly explain to get you up to date:

Cuffing season occurs in the colder months of the year, when individuals find themselves wanting to engage in intimate relationships. Those who participate in cuffing season usually remain single during the other parts of the year. This particular “season” will generally end around Valentine’s Day, to not be seen again until the next upcoming fall.

Now some may call it a great chance to relieve the impending loneliness of the winter. Some may disagree, and call it a selfish way to waste someone’s time so that you can have a cuddle buddy for reruns of “The Santa Clause.”

I just call it bullshit.

Hear me out, though. Like I’ve said many times, I am an optimist. I don’t frown upon the happiness of others, and I sure don’t feel any bitterness about my own single relationship status. In fact I am just as happy single as I am in a relationship. Being someone’s girlfriend doesn’t bring me any validation to how much I am worth. And at the same time, I openly approach potential relationships because they make me happy too. So with that out-of-the-way, let me explain further.

All I am saying about this whole “cuffing season,” is that it’s just, simply, bullshit. There is so much focus and stress over it, like people are so anxious to jump into a short-lived relationship just to be attached.

But on the other hand, some people are too quick to shove off the thought of even attempting to commit because they want to “rebel” against the norm. Bring on the, “I’m such a strong independent woman and will never need a man by my side because I can do everything by myself BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

So can we just admit that cuffing season isn’t real? If you’re single and making out with five dudes a week, fantastic. And if you’re sitting in two-day old pajamas on your couch in your long-term relationship, also great. Kudos to everyone.

In terms of loneliness and love? Call your mom. Cuddle your cat. (Or if you’re allergic to cats like me, your throw blanket that feels like giant animal.)

A lot of people in your life already love you, so appreciate that for what it is.

However, if you just so happen to meet someone who shares the same love as you for peppermint mochas and Barnes and Noble, huzzah. Don’t run away from it so that you can pretend later on that you are too bad ass to want companionship. You have yourself a relationship, enjoy every second of it even if it doesn’t last.

I, myself, have incredible friends, family, HomeGoods, and red velvet cupcakes.

Happy Holidays, everyone.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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