10 Ways That Winter Doesn’t Suck So Bad

Flickr / Luigi Torreggiani
Flickr / Luigi Torreggiani

Self-proclaimed Winter Grinch here. I murmur bad things as I’m scraping ice off my car, avoid leaving the house before sunrise and after sunset, the smoothness of shaving my legs can only last so long, and statistically speaking, I post far fewer inspirational Facebook posts and Instagram hashtags.

With that being said, there are some pretty sweet deals about the season and the more #grateful you are, the more #grateful you become, right? Without further ado, here are the ways that winter doesn’t suck so bad…


Sweatpants and fur boots are acceptable going-out attire.


Hot cocoa all day, every day. Or wine. That works, too.


Catching up on Netflix and Super Mario Brothers. Because there’s victory in finishing an entire season and beating a new level.


Awards season. The more Tina and Amy, the better.


Super Bowl Sunday. And the Puppy Bowl, commercials, and rockin’ appetizers that accompany it.


Christmas music. Unless you’re one of those people that hates it, in which case it’s a win-win because it’s done playing once January 1 rolls around.


Snow days. Once again meriting sweatpants, fur boots, hot cocoa (and wine).


More time for some of life’s finest indoor pleasures like reading a novel, making homemade brunch, taking bubble baths, and all those saved-up DIY projects that never really turn out the way you expect.


Scrabble by the fireplace. Because what’s more Hallmark Original Movie than that? Oh shoot, throw in another glass of wine here, too.


And of course, knowing that spring is on the horizon. Winter Grinches unite—the warmth is slowly and surely on its way.

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