Why You Should Wait For Your Second Love

Alex Holyoake

First loves always gets the credit. They’re always the love that never dies. They’re always the love that teaches all the firsts. But for me, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes your fist love, they’re the first ones who have deeply hurt us and left us broken. They’re not the love that always stays, sometimes they’re the love that always leaves and keeps us hanging. Sometimes, they’re the love that left our hearts broken into tiny little pieces. Sometimes, they’re the love that remains only our first and not our last. And sadly, sometimes, they’re the love that makes us think that we will not find love again in the future.

And here’s to why our second love is the best love. They make us realize that no matter how badly we’ve been heartbroken and hurt with our past, we can move on and love again.

Second love is the love that we all deserve when our first loves broke every promise they made by deciding to leave us, heartbroken, sad and feeling unworthy of love. Second love is the love that picked up our broken pieces and helped ourselves put them back together. It is the love that made us love ourselves. It is the love that made us realize that we are whole all this time and was never someone’s half.

Second love makes us realize that we are independently whole and that their love doesn’t just made us get up but it made us stronger and grateful that after all the shit and doubts we’ve been through, our second love is there, pointing out that we are enough and worthy to have a love that stays.

Second love is the love that taught us to forgive and to love even more. Second love is the love that let us love freely without loosing ourselves in the process. Second love is the love that deserves all the love in the world.

This is me telling me second love that I am always grateful that we’ve found our ways to be with each other. This is me telling you that I am blessed to have you for always making me realize that through the good and the bad, I am worthy of love and I am worthy to be never lied to. This is me telling you that above all else, it’s always you. This is me telling you, I am choosing you and me for all the days of our lives. This is me telling you that I will love as much as you love me.

To all the people who still have their first loves with them and are happy, I am happy for you too. I am happy that your first loves treat you right and that they’ll always be there for you.

To all the people who are still hurting because of the way they were hurt because of a failed love, come to think of it: If you have loved the wrong person with all your heart before, think of how greatly you’re even going to love the right person. Smile. Be happy it happened because your first love was there for a reason, they left you for a reason, and your relationship didn’t work out for a reason. Only time will tell. Someday, someone is going to love you with all your broken pieces and make you feel like you were never broken.

Cheers to all the second love. You are worth waiting for. You are worth loving for. Thank you for picking us up when we all thought no one will ever treat us right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ♡

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