8 Simple Ways To Revitalize Your Summer Routine

Warm weather has finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate than by enjoying a bit of self-love? Over the winter, many find their time taken up by planning holiday meals and trying to shovel enough snow to make it to work. Longer days mean increased energy for many, and everyone can benefit from using that time to make a fresh start!

In ancient times, ceremonies surrounded the return of the sun, but that doesn’t mean modern humans have to miss out on the celebration. Make this a period for refreshing the mind, body and soul. The following activities can help make the season a time of revitalization.

1. Get A Breath Of Fresh Air

Get a breath of fresh air into your home and office by opening more windows! In addition to opening windows to let the air in, make sure to switch your ceiling fans to turn counterclockwise. During the winter, clockwise formation helps blow hot air into upper floors of the home, but during the warmer months, switching the direction will keep the house cooler.

Consider trying aromatherapy, too, by using a diffuser and an essential oil such as jasmine or sweet orange to mimic the flowers and greenery bursting outside.

2. Hike The Day Away

After being cooped up all winter, the first hike of spring feels like finally waking up after enduring hibernation in a frozen wasteland worthy of Elsa. Unplugging from cell phones and computers to listen to the chirping of returning birds helps to soothe the weary soul. Take time to wander freely and leave the electronics at home!

3. Try A New Workout

Spent the entire winter trudging along on a treadmill or elliptical machine? Now marks the perfect time to try a new exercise routine. Welcome the return of warm temperatures with an outdoor workout.

Many parks have fitness stations and trails for running or walking. Get out there and work that circuit with interval training. Try including stops for squats, push-ups and other basic moves and end with a brief yoga-inspired stretch routine.

4. Slough Off Dry Skin

Stale indoor air dries skin, and harsh winter winds probably didn’t help matters any. Get rid of that ashy skin by exfoliating at home or at the spa. Those with a little extra moola to spare can head to a day spa for microdermabrasion to remove the skin’s top layer of cells. Or try making a DIY exfoliating mask at home with ingredients like oatmeal and water!

5. Update Your Makeup

Dramatic eye makeup and heavy foundation look great in dim lighting, but the bright sunshine of spring and summer calls for a softer, more natural look. Switch to a tinted moisturizer to smooth skin tone without looking cakey. Dab blush into the apples of the cheeks and add a touch over the bridge of the nose to create a fresh-from-the-beach look. Consider switching out dark lipsticks for a moisturizing lip gloss that adds a hint of color while making lips soft.

6. Freshen Up Your Meal Plans

As fruits and veggies start coming back ready to harvest, use this opportunity to include these fresh ingredients in cooking. Not only will the garden-to-table crispness tantalize taste buds, eating crisp, natural produce also provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Those with spring allergies that leave their eyes dry and red and nose always runny benefit from eating carrots, deep leafy greens and fresh fish to flood the body with nutrients that alleviate the inflamed tissues.

7. Buy A Bird Feeder

The return of birds serves as a hallmark of spring, and the sunny chirps of sparrows and finches make many people smile. Attract birds to a backyard or patio by investing in a bird feeder. Make sure to read up on how to set up a feeder that doesn’t unintentionally harm the birds. Or go one step further and build a birdhouse, inviting future mama robins to lay their eggs in a spot near a window. Watching baby birds grow after they hatch reminds birdwatchers of the beauty of the natural cycle of life.

8. Host An Outdoor Soiree

Dinner parties are stylishly chic, but why eat indoors when dining al fresco is so inviting? Invite close friends to celebrate the season as well by hosting an outdoor soiree. The best part? Spilling a glass of wine won’t stain any carpeting. And because dining outdoors feels more casual, rustic DIY table accents and decor look perfect, yet cost little.

Have a great spring and summer!

Those who practice regular self-care and revitalization of their routines reap the rewards of improved moods and increased abilities to share their unique gifts with others. And this is the perfect season for reviving those activities that make your soul glow. Take time to stop and smell the roses and plan revitalizing practices designed to make you feel reborn!

Kate Harveston is a professional blogger working her way into the world of politics.

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