8 Ways To Make Running On A Treadmill Suck (At Least A Little) Less

When cold temperatures send you inside to work out, you might get discouraged at the idea of staring at a treadmill monitor for the duration of your run. You don’t want to slack off on your cardio, but the repetitive nature of the machine isn’t getting you excited either.

However, your indoor jog doesn’t have to be dull. You can make your treadmill workout interesting even if you don’t have a scenic view. With a little creativity, you’ll be looking forward to your run. Here are eight ways to enhance your treadmill experience.

1. Do an Interval Routine

Break up the consistent pounding of your feet by incorporating intervals. Switch from walking to jogging each minute, and throw in a few full-throttle sprints, too. Try intervals of side steps or skips for a fun assortment of moves.

Adjusting the incline during intervals can also challenge you. Bump up the incline to imitate an uphill jog and you won’t have a chance to feel listless. You can also extend your intervals to other cardio machines. Hop on an elliptical or spin bike to target different muscles and get a well-rounded workout.

2. Listen to an Energizing Playlist

Grab your headphones and prepare for a mood boost. Jamming out to upbeat music can help you stay engaged and determined throughout your run. The key is to pick tunes that motivate you to power through, so if a mellow song comes on, skip it.

If you’re not sure where to start, take advantage of online playlists that are already curated for intense sessions of cardio. When you sing along in your head, the treadmill can turn into a lively place.

3. Watch a Show

Reserve your Netflix time for workouts to shake up your exercise and minimize downtime on the couch later. An action-packed series can hold your attention so you don’t count down the minutes until the end of your workout.

Some gyms have TV monitors close to the treadmill area or built into the machines, so locate the remote to tune in to a compelling show. If your fitness center doesn’t offer any viewing options, you can download one to your smartphone or tablet. Find entertainment with plenty of fast-paced events or drama that won’t add to your boredom.

4. Focus on Form

It’s crucial to practice proper form during workouts to avoid injury and boost the benefits of your run. When you go for a run, your knee absorbs five times your body weight. Take precautions to keep your knees healthy, as well as the rest of your figure, during exercise.

Concentrating on correct posture and movements can protect your body and be a welcome task to fight boredom. Pretend there’s a string pulling your spine upward, and you can effortlessly realign your stance. Center your feet, hips and knees for a powerful stride, and your running form can drastically change for the better.

5. Download a Podcast

Podcasts and exercise are an ideal match because one occupies your mind while the other busies your body. Listening to a podcast on the treadmill can help you use your time wisely to learn about a personal interest or catch up on the news. For podcasts geared toward fitness, try one with a coach or a personal trainer to pump you up.

6. Talk to a Friend

If you’re enough of a fitness pro to chat with a friend while you run, it can be an effective distraction. Instead of meeting up with a pal for coffee, hit the gym to catch up. You can run on neighboring treadmills and challenge each other for some healthy — and amusing — competition.

7. Use a Game-Oriented App

A fitness game through a smartphone app is an interactive option to increase your fun on the treadmill. Virtual reality apps can put you in different settings and scenarios so you don’t feel stuck indoors. Some apps include virtual reality running courses. The App Store and Google Play have several virtual reality choices available.

8. Boost Your Treadmill Experience

Maintaining personal fitness is crucial, even when you’re indoors. You can enhance your time on the treadmill by adding a fun diversion to boost your enjoyment. Try incorporating entertainment, adjusting your workout regimen or chatting with a friend to drive away your boredom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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