5 Up-and-Coming 4/20-Friendly Products Every Cannabis Enthusiast Needs To Know About

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Of the many controversial issues that have been debated about for the last decade or so, legalized marijuana is definitely up there on the list. While some states still outlaw it in any form, others have begun the process of legalization. For some parts of the country, this means people can access it with a prescription, and for others, it means they can walk to the nearest dispensary and buy it whenever they so please.

Companies in legalized states have jumped on the opportunity to get on board with the growing phenomenon of legalized weed. This means that new products are in the works every day, opening an even wider audience looking for different ways to enjoy the greenery. Over the course of the next few years, keep an eye out for some of these exciting developments. They’re sure to be picked up quickly as time goes on and more states pass legislation legalizing the simple plant that a lot of us already use.

1. Sex Products

Many of us can certainly attest to the fact that marijuana can make sex, well, even better than it already is. The Cut has gone as far as to label weed “natural Viagra.” It follows, then, that companies will see this and try to fill the market gap by selling strains of weed that are specifically targeted at improving people’s’ sex lives.

One woman has begun taking advantage of this by growing, packaging and branding an “aphrodisiac weed” labeled Sexxpot — and specifically marketing it to women. Given the disappointing orgasm gap between the genders, this could be an awesome development for women in legalized states. Either way, it’s something that will likely be improved upon and developed more thoroughly in coming years for both male and female use.

2. New and Improved Edibles

Edibles have been around for a long time, so the idea of them is nothing new. The difference is that now, edibles are being made and sold in stores, so you don’t have to spend time making them yourself. Additionally, the traditional weed brownie is being revamped into products like gummies, drinks and even full-course meals.

It’s a good idea to first read up on their strength and potential side effects before trying these modern-day, high-strength edibles. More flavors and recipes will surely come in the future, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

3. Cannabis Drinks

For when you’ve had a long day and need to relax without any extra work, pop open a can of cannabis lemonade. It’s sweet and refreshing, and you’ll likely forget any troubles you may be dealing with. It’s also a great vegan and gluten-free option, according to those who have tried it. Know what you’re getting into — this drink is packed with THC so it’ll give you a pretty intense trip if you drink it too fast.

4. High Reversal

Speaking of knowing what you’re getting into — some products are made to help you have fun, while others are made to help you when you want to come back down. That’s exactly what UNDOO Softgels are designed to do.

If you ever get in a situation where maybe you’ve had too much cannabis lemonade too fast and need to sober up, take an UNDOO capsule to lessen the effects in 20 minutes. These can be a great thing to have on hand if you’re new to using weed or want to be able to have fun without worrying as much about the potential aftermath.

5. Cannabis Infused Tampons

Much like weed is prescribed for those with medical aches, it can also help with daily pains. Women have begun to invest in cannabis-infused tampons to alleviate menstrual pains. Weed tampons won’t necessarily be for everyone but could be just what you need for those pesky cramps. If you live in a legalized state, talk with your doctor about what’s best for your body. It may be a better alternative than liver-damaging painkillers!

One of the great parts about more people getting on board with the idea of legalized marijuana is that inventors are coming up with new and exciting ways for us to enjoy the greenery. Whatever peaks your interest, always make sure that you do your research so you have an idea what you’re getting into. The industry is still fairly new, but there are a lot of really exciting developments in the works for those 4/20-friendly states! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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