I Was Tired Of Being Poor, So I Decided To Travel The World Instead


It will have been two years this April that my partner Dan and I said goodbye to England and set off for our adventures around the world. I think most people assumed we were just secretly rich or smart with our money but the truth is, we were broke as shit. It’s one of the reasons we left England. The day you both skip lunch because you can’t afford lunch AND dinner that day is one you want to make sure never happened again.

Maybe things aren’t quite so bad for you. But things COULD be better. Here’s 5 jobs that you can take up so you can quit your job & travel the world, just like us!


Travel bloggers are all over the internet right now stealing your free hotel stays and flights, what the heck are you doing sitting around for?! Get yourself on to Blogger and create a travel blog. Start out writing about past travels and make sure to include lots of wide, good quality photos with interesting content about your trip. Review places you have been for free. Now it’s time to start sending out emails to hotels, excursion companies and (sometimes) airlines to see if you can score yourself an opportunity for an all expenses paid trip in exchange for a review. Job. Done.


Fancy working on a holiday island for the summer? Who doesn’t. At most of these locations you can work in bars, restaurants and nightclubs for cash in hand each night. You will pay pennies for accommodation and drinks & foods become discounted once you are a known worker on the island. The interviews usually consist of these three questions: What is your name? Can you serve drinks? Do people like you?
The best part? You party. Every. Night.


Au Pairs are basically paid to live in a house and act like a teenager who has to care for their younger siblings. I shit you not. Au Pairs work for a maximum of 30 hours a week looking after children (usually watching TV, reading books and playing board games) in exchange for accommodation, food and a small salary to go out drinking/clothes shopping with at the weekend. Winning? Yes. Head on over to AuPair World which is a free website that connects potential Au Pairs with families.


TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Teach kids or adults English with your working day and spend your evenings exploring the streets of Seoul in South Korea or hamming it up in Tokyo, Japan. You can find TEFL jobs that will provide you with food, accommodation and flight costs all over Asia, India, South America and Europe. What do you need for the job? To be a native English speaker and a TEFL qualification (most of the time) that you can obtain in 2 months. For TEFL jobs, check out Dave’s ESL Cafe, Dave’s got your back.


Asia? Africa? Europe? The Americas? Middle East? Any of those sound good? With WWOOF , you agree to volunteer 4-6 hours of your day to working on an organic farm or housing project in exchange for free accommodation and food. No money is exchanged during the process but given your location, the best things in life will be FREE!

So what are you waiting for? QUIT YOUR JOB AND TRAVEL THE WORLD. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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