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Loki, Coyote, Jack Sparrow, …Donald Trump? The Orange Fox As A Modern Trickster

“Trump is appealing not in spite of his poor character and trickster qualities, but because of them. Supporters of Trump admire his disregard for social rules, finding him entertaining and honest rather than bigoted and offensive. He serves the cathartic purpose of the trickster by saying and doing things in a public forum that most people are not willing to do themselves.”

Wake Up Colleges, We Need Mental Health Services

Community colleges, you need to step up your game. If you have enough funding for $2 million campus revitalization projects on top of your comprehensive academic, career, transfer, financial, and physical health services, you have the money to allocate toward helping your students stay well enough to stay in school.

A Thank You Letter To All Underappreciated (And Underpaid) Adjunct Professors

You aren’t an adjunct because you aren’t a brilliant teacher, you can’t work full time, or you simply don’t deserve it. You are an adjunct because administrators think that our retention rates will improve with newer computers, prettier hallways, more events, and better courtyards. They think that money is better spent on making the campus snazzy than on giving their teachers a living wage.