If He’s Not Choosing You Every Day, You Have To Let Him Go


1. You are not what he wants or what he needs.

He can’t see a future with you neither is he wholeheartedly willing to try and create one with you. If he did he would not have thought twice about taking the risk with you.

2. He would unintentionally make you feel like you are not enough.

Aside from feeling down because of his confusion, your self-esteem gradually falls as you wonder to yourself what is it with you, what is it with you that he can’t seem to be sure of. Find someone who sees your worth and who makes you want to love yourself more.

3. He probably loves you but not in that way.

You may mean a lot to him so he does not want to lose you and break your heart so putting you on hold is his way of keeping you, which is something you don’t deserve.

4. Uncertainty just leads to a lot of “what ifs.”

Maybe he’s scared of taking a risk but if he continues to worry about it the both of you will just end up at “what could have been.”

5. You deserve to know your position in a person’s life.

Don’t settle for someone who constantly makes you question where you stand in his life, stop waiting on the line if there’s no certainty that it will ever move.

6. There was never anything to hold onto anyway.

There was nothing going on between the both of you to begin with, aside from uncertainty and yeah, uncertainty –that reason alone would make you realize that you’re wasting your time on nothing.

7. You can be happy with someone else.

You are going to be the the reason for someone’s smile and you won’t always let go of someone for their own happiness, because you are their happiness. Choose someone who will always choose you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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