13 Good Reasons You Should Travel With Your Best Friend

Adriana Michele
Adriana Michele

1. You’ll be opened up to new ideas and experiences

Sometimes it is a little too easy to get stuck with an idea and convince yourself that it’s your way or the highway. This is where a second opinion comes in handy and who better to listen to than your bestie.

2. They are your emotional support when the going gets tough 

And believe me, it will. Travelling is not all sunshine and rainbows, especially when you’re in it for the long haul. You can be in the most beautiful place, on a beautiful day and still feel like absolute shit. That’s life, and life waits for nobody, not even a backpacker. When things get difficult, you will drag each other out of the darkness.

3. You can do as little or as much together as you like

You each respect when the other needs some alone time, but also have the luxury of each others company whenever you want.

4. You’ll rarely disagree on where to go or what to do

Because more often than not, you both want exactly the same thing. Staying in on a Saturday and drinking tea? Hell yes.

5. You won’t have to awkwardly ask a stranger to take your photo

– and then retake it 20 times until you get a half decent one, because your bestie will probably do that anyway.

6. You’ll have company when you’re in transit

12 hours on a bus? No problem. Chances are, you’ll barely talk, but knowing they are there is enough.

7. It’s like having your very own free personal carer

You’ll be there to hold each other’s hair in times of self-inflicted sickness and to run to the pharmacy on numerous occasions when the other is feeling under the weather.

8. Sharing is caring 

Travelling as a pair can save you heaps of money. You can split everyday travel costs in half and share things like food and toiletries. You could even take it to the next level of scrimping and share a bed too!

9. You’ll get to know each other better than you ever thought possible

You’ll even develop the powerful ability of communicating without words.

10. You can be your weird self whenever you please and find comfort in knowing that they are just as odd as you

Best friends do not judge one another.

11. You’ll share some indescribable moments together

You’ll see and do things that words and photos alone will not do justice to, but they will be by your side to share the experience.

12. They are your little piece of normality when you’re missing home 

Because they are your home.

13. And finally, when the time eventually comes to go home, you’ll continue to share those incredible moments, memories and an unbreakable bond for the rest of your lives

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