A Good Girl’s Guide To Going Bad In Freshman Year Of College


For the high school valedictorian who is ready to fuck shit up.


Do some drugs. Experimenting is fun, and if you surround yourself with people you love and trust you can learn a lot about yourself and others. Watch out for addictions though. Coke is fun and cigarettes are cool, but both can be tricky in the long run (precisely why my personal favorites are shrooms and pot).


Find a friend or two that will force you to put yourself out there. As the people pleasers of the world, sometimes it takes some pretty big pushes to stop the studying and start going out on Friday and Saturday nights (and Thursdays…. And Sundays…)


Let completely loose a couple times. Be that girl who pukes or passes out. But only be that girl once or twice. Everyone has to learn that lesson, and others will probably think its funny or hardcore the first couple times, but no one wants to hang around the girl who needs to be babysat.

4. SEX

Think about your stance on the college “hookup culture” prior to your first couple going out experiences. Especially during those first weeks, hormones are high and just about everyone ends up hooking up with someone. However, it is useful to decide if you are into that, and if so, how far you are willing to go. Otherwise you end up either blue-balling someone or having some deep-seeded regrets.


Get some good party clothes. Half of the fun of going out is wearing the stuff you wouldn’t normally wear during the day. And, being the good girl that you are, have probably slut-shamed other girls for wearing.


Study your ass off (almost) every single day and night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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