This Is What It’s Like To Grown Up With Brothers Who Are Really Your Best Friends


I have you guys to thank for my half girl/ half boy-ish style. Thank you for never going easy on me just because I was a girl. You guys didn’t care that I was 100lbs soaking wet at 15 years old, you still tried all the new wrestling moves, you saw on TV, out on my poor little body. You didn’t care that I was terrified of the dark; you still hid behind doors at night to scare the living shit out of me.

You didn’t care if I said I didn’t want to go in the pool with you guys because I just straightened my hair, you threw my ass in anyway. You guys taught me that spending 40 minutes straightening my hair was such a waste of time compared to 40 minutes spent acting a fool with you two.

While all of this was annoying as ever at the time, I really do believe that you guys helped shaped me into the strong, fearless woman I am today. You taught me how to fight for myself, not just physically but mentally. You taught me more than just how to throw a punch. You taught me to never back down, no matter what I’m up against, whether it be the last mozzarella stick, or something of much more importance.

Thank you for teaching me to never take anything too personal. We were always teasing each other, looking for ways to embarrass one another, and making fun of ourselves together. You guys taught me how to take a joke, how to not get offended easily, how to laugh at myself, and most importantly, how to let loose and have fun without caring what anyone else thinks.

Growing up without sisters, I had nobody to steal clothes from, nobody to teach me how to do my makeup, nobody to gossip about boys to. Sure, I had mom and my friends, but who wants to talk to their mom about boys at 13, and my friends, well they all had sisters of their own.

I’ve always felt more myself in a pair of chucks and a ratty old CCS skate tee than I ever have in heels and a tight dress. I don’t feel it necessary to spend an hour on my hair every day in order to look good. A hot shower, a pair of blue jeans and some mascara, usually followed by a sigh and the words “this will due” is enough for a girl like me.

While I’m a simple girl at heart, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like to get dressed up and feel “girly” from time to time. The rare days I would throw on a sundress and a pair of wedges, you guys would say “Wow, where are you headed?” usually followed by a smart ass comment, but nonetheless. The look on your faces and the “wow” was comforting; you had made me feel beautiful without even trying.

While I didn’t have sisters to teach me things, I had brothers who taught me so much more. You guys taught me how to throw a punch, how to bait a hook, how to cast a line, how to ride a motorcycle, how to play guitar, how to skateboard, how to drive stick, how to keep a secret, how to stand up for myself, how to change a tire, how to throw a football, and most importantly, how to raise a little hell. To me, learning how to fish was way more important than learning how to curl my eyelashes, but I suppose, that’s what happens when you’re raised by wolves.

Speaking of wolves, you both have stood by my side throughout all of my bad days, my lowest points, the pain, and the heartache, you stood by my side through it all, ready to rip apart anyone or anything that got in the way of my happiness, or in the way, of my dreams. My world would be so lonely without the two of you. Thank you for being my forever friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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