9 Sex Hacks Every Person Should Know

1. Orgasm triggers.

Similar to how smiling even if you aren’t happy will elicit the feeling of happiness as your brain associates the action with the response, as will simulating and exaggerating the sounds, motions, and other responses that happen when you orgasm. Better yet: you can train yourself (alone or with a partner) by having certain stimuli present while you’re climaxing (words, actions, positions, whatever).

2. Femoral and other alternatives.

There are some couples who aren’t in it for the penetration, be it for moral or other reasons, and that’s totally okay. But there are so many ways you can have sex without having to put a penis in a vagina, and Femoral is just one of many (it involves a man thrusting his penis between closed thighs).

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3. Male oral = all about tongue.

What men tend to like best is the way in which you either press your tongue flat up against their penises or create other simulations of what a vagina would feel like. Point your tongue out, flick it around, get creative. Basic head bobbing is good, but there’s so much to be embellished upon.

4. Female oral = not all about tongue.

What women tend to like best is the way you get your whole mouth (and hand[s]) involved while going down on them. Don’t just stick your tongue out and rub it up and down on their clit, also use your lips for french kiss-like motions. Change up the patterns and motions (but keep it steady and consistent when they’re about to orgasm).

5. Pressure play.

A lot of reaching orgasm is just a mind game, but aside from that and just general stimulation, you can usually make a man come by putting pressure on certain areas, like for example, if you have him sit in a chair and then sit on top of him and not necessarily thrust but just kind of rock together, the angle combined with the pressure of your body is (from what I’ve been told) a very erotic thing.

6. If you can’t take semen in your mouth:

Right before he’s about to finish push his penis to the side of your cheek WHILE BEING EXTREMELY CAREFUL OF YOUR TEETH PLACEMENT and work your mouth in such a way that you are still sucking/motioning as you would be with the middle of your mouth, and he will come where there are no tastebuds. After, tilt your head and let it drip/spit it out, and voila.

7. If you can’t take semen in your mouth, level 2:

Let him come while you deep throat him as far back as you can (if you can, if not it’s no big deal, don’t force it). I once told an ex to deliberately push his penis farther down my throat as he was coming and it was simultaneously hot for him and I didn’t have to taste anything (note, again: don’t force it if you have a gag reflex/don’t enjoy it).

8.  Toys for the boys.

You can use a vibrator on him, specifically, between his penis and his balls or just on his scrotum in general while you’re going down on him. Some guys enjoy it on that pleasure spot between the scrotum and butt hole, but hey, not for everyone.

9. Intense intimacy = kissing while coming.

This one is for when you are being physical with someone you really love (or not, I don’t know)– right as you see them start to come, kiss them and hold their head or body or whatever. You’ll feel them kind of wave through the orgasm and kiss you as their body contracts almost instinctively, and it’s as though you are in the orgasm with them. It’s just as good for the person coming as it is for the person kissing (in my opinion). TC Mark

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